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CoffeeTable is KBBI's local interview program. You can be a part of the conversation by calling 235-7721, in the Homer area, or toll-free at 1-800-979-5224.

City Council Outlook For 2016

Jan 8, 2016
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The City of Homer had a budget deficit of close to $1 million for the 2016 budget. Proposition 1 allowed the city to divert money from the HART fund to make up for most of the shortfall. But what’s next? On the Coffee Table Homer Mayor, Beth Wythe and City Manager, Katie Koester discuss Long-term revenue solutions for the city and what is on the horizon for 2016. 

Maritime Education Opportunites In Homer

Dec 30, 2015
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The maritime industry is a key part of Homer’s local economy and local business owners  want to support it with a steady stream of fresh recruits. KBBI's Quinton Chandler spoke with members of the Homer Marine Trades Association about  ongoing efforts to improve vocational offerings that focus on the maritime industry.

Alcohol and Drug Addicts Talk Substance Abuse and Recovery

Dec 23, 2015
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KBBI's Quinton Chandler speaks with members of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous about their history of substance abuse and their recoveries. A member of the South Kenai Peninsula Resilience Coalition. The conversation explored the peninsula's treatment options for substance abusers, a community assessment of the prevalence of drugs and alcohol on the south peninsula and benefits of group therapy in the face of alcohol and drug addiction.

Coffee Table: Kachemak Bay State Park

Dec 16, 2015
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Kachemak Bay State Park Chief Ranger Jason Okuly appeared on the Coffee Table to discuss the most pressing issues facing the state park. Listen to KBBI's Quinton Chandler and Okuly discuss state budget cuts, trail work, volunteer contributions, littering, incorporating bikes into the park and more. 

We are unable to bring you the CoffeeTable this week. In its place we have the latest special from America Abroad; How Drones Are Reshaping the World.

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Local cook Teri Robl joined Host Daysha Eaton on the CoffeeTable to talk about holiday cooking and memories. They discussed, and took listener calls, about favorite holiday recipes, family traditions, and suggestions on what to serve during the holidays.

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Homer Mayor Beth Wythe, and Council Member David Lewis joined KBBI's Quinton Chandler to discuss the December 1st Special Election in the City of Homer to suspend funding the Homer Accelerated Roads and Trails (HART) fund and directing those dollars into the City's General Fund. The discussion also covered the City's current financial situation and touched on other matter the City is dealing with.

KBBI's Dorle Harness

Author Dana Stabenow joined Host Quinton Chandler, KBBI's Terry Rensel and listener call-ins to talk all things books. The program was a discussion about the books that we've been reading, and recommendations of books to read in the future. A list of all the books discussed on the program can be found at Dana's website.

We are unable to bring you the CoffeeTable program this week. In its place will be a special from American Radioworks: Beyond the Blackboard.

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Kenai Peninsula United Way

Representatives from Homer-area non-profits and the Kenai Peninsula United Way joined Host Quinton Chandler to discuss how the state's current fiscal climate is affecting their funding, not just the funds that they receive from the state, but from local municipalities, and individual donors.