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Earlier this month, local artist and KBBI volunteer Desiree Hagen received an individual artist award from the Rasmuson Foundation. She plans to use the grant on a community art project making paper out of invasive plants in the Homer area. She hopes to both help remove the species from native plant areas and create awareness of their effects on the ecosystem. KBBI’s Shady Grove Oliver spoke with Hagen about her art.

  SGO: First of all, can you describe the scope of your project so people can have an idea of what you’re hoping to create with this?

With decreased funding on the horizon, the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is considering making changes to bus routes on the southern peninsula to save money.

  While the crux of the debate is school buses, the issue as a whole is all about funding.

The fate of several ducklings is now uncertain after a passerby spotted them walking alone and picked them up in Homer Friday morning.

The individual saw them crossing the road near Two Sisters Bakery, scooped them up and brought them to the Alaska Islands and Ocean Center.

  Steve Delehanty is the manager of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. He says their policy on handling wildlife is clear:

“It’s very easy. Leave it alone. That’s really the bottom line because as soon as you pick it up or handle it, it’s often a death sentence for the animal.”

Shady Grove Oliver

  This month, letter carriers around the country held their annual “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive, an event that grew from carriers noticing the need in the neighborhoods they walk every day.

  On the second Saturday in May, letter carriers around the country were picking up more than just mail. They were collecting cans of soup, bags of dried beans, boxes of cereal, and more.

  The Alaska Ocean Observing System recently rolled out a new information hub that’s all about beluga whales. The Cook Inlet Beluga Ecosystem Portal is a one-stop shop for beluga data that its creators hope will help scientists and the public make more informed decisions in the future.

From aerial views of Alaska’s coastline to environmental data to social statistics, the new beluga ecosystem portal has a lot of information.

Courtesy of the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

Local Option Zoning has been an option for residents of the Kenai Peninsula Borough since the code went on the books in the 1980s, but now will operate a little differently — and, the assembly hopes, more effectively. 

Celebrating Learning and Salmon

May 19, 2016
Jenny Neyman

Education made a splash this week for school kids across the Kenai Peninsula at Fish and Game’s annual Salmon Celebration on May 11.

It was an enthusiastic, if somewhat confusing, introduction to their new home for rainbow trout smolt released into Johnson Lake in Kasilof on May 11.

Over 900 Kenai Peninsula elementary school students attended the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s 16th annual Salmon Celebration and got to release a fish — or two or three — into the lake as part of the department’s sportfishing stocking program.

Shady Grove Oliver

  The local 4-H group in Homer came together at Karen Hornaday Park on Monday to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Arbor Day in Alaska by planting a tree.

A handful of older kids braved the grey skies and drizzle to dig a hole near the ball field in the park.

Homer Teams Up Against Homelessness

May 18, 2016
Photo by Casey Marsh

Last July, residents of the southern Kenai Peninsula formed a group to help homeless people in the Homer area. They call themselves the Homeless in Action Committee. The committee has been meeting once a month to organize events and find ways to help the homeless in the community.

Devin Way

  Students in Nanwalek and Port Graham had the chance to get their feet wet for science last week during the annual Sea Week celebration.

  One of the main activities throughout the week was tide pooling to get hands-on experience with local marine species.

"I think it’s really fun finding all the critters," said Port Graham third-grader Bobby-Wu Smith, 9.

He especially enjoyed finding a sea cucumber.

“It was all mushy. It looked like a worm but bigger and fatter," he said.


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