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News Director

Aaron Bolton is excited to come on board at KBBI after spending his first year reporting in the state at KSTK in Wrangell. He grew up in southern Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2015 with a degree in professional journalism.

Prior to Alaska, Aaron reported for Radio K in Minneapolis. He spent his free time going to local concerts and promoting shows and music festivals. Since making the move, he has spent his time in the backcountry snowboarding whenever possible.

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Image Courtesy of the City of Homer

The Homer Economic Development Advisory Commission has completed a survey of Homer businesses. The Commission wanted to know what were the largest issues facing small businesses and to see if the city can help.

The idea is that by focusing on retaining established business in the community rather than solely focusing on attracting new ones, there will be larger growth in the private sector. In turn, the city would see a larger economic boost.

Courtesy of Fish and Game

A sport and subsistence tanner crab fishery returned to Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet for the first time in four years last fall. The season kicked off in October and will run through February.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Sport Fish Management Biologist Carol Kerkvliet said about 1,100 permits have been issued so far.

“Since the fishery has been closed, we did expect fairly high participation because it provides a different opportunity for people in the winter months when there's not a lot going on,” Kerkvliet said.

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

Fishermen in Homer will have one less fish buyer in town in 2018. The Auction Block announced via Facebook on Dec. 20 that it would officially be closing its doors. The fish buyer and processor entered bankruptcy back in September and has been working on selling the business to California-based Southwind Seafoods. But the deal may be in jeopardy after the City of Homer objected to the sale.   

Photo Courtesy of Holland Dotts & the Alaska Marine Conservation Council.
University of Alaska Fairbanks' Alaska Earthquake Center

Homer residents may want to make new evacuation plans in case of a tsunami.  A new draft map for the Homer area shows that a tsunami may be able to reach higher ground than scientists previously thought and could cut off the primary evacuation route from the Homer Spit during a worst-case-scenario.

Courtesy of Alaska Legislature

The Alaska Division of Elections has denied the Alaska Republican Party’s request to block three incumbent House Republicans from running in the party’s 2018 primaries.

The party wrote a letter to the division on Dec. 4 asking that Homer Rep. Paul Seaton, Anchorage Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux and Rep. Louise Stutes of Kodiak be blocked from the primary ballot as a repercussion for violating a party rule against caucusing with other political parties when there’s a Republican majority.

Skip Gray, 360 North

After a recent move to block District 31 House Rep. Paul Seaton of Homer and two other House representatives from next year’s Republican primaries, which the state has denied, district party leaders on the southern Kenai Peninsula are actively recruiting candidates to run against Seaton next fall.

Photo Courtesy of Holland Dotts & the Alaska Marine Conservation Council.

A dramatic decline in Gulf of Alaska Pacific cod stocks forced regulators to hack the fishery’s total allowable catch by about 80 percent Saturday. The large cut will likely hit the commercial fishing industry in the Gulf hard.

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council, which regulates groundfish in the Gulf and Bering Sea,  made the move due to a roughly 70-percent decline in Pacific cod. Cod is Alaska’s second largest commercial fishery by volume, bringing in $186 million in 2015.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Heimbuch

New regulations on the Gulf of Alaska halibut charter industry could reduce the number of days operators are able to spend on the water.

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council, which regulates the charter industry in the Gulf and Southeast Alaska, unanimously approved shutting down fishing on seven Tuesdays between June 19 and Aug. 21 at its annual meeting Thursday.

Alder Seaman

State Representative Paul Seaton is this week's guest. KBBI News Director Aaron Bolton reviews the budget, this year's session and special sessions, as well as the recent vote within the state Republican party to block Seaton and two other Republicans from running on the party's ticket.