Sugt'stun Word of the Week - June 5, 2017

Jun 5, 2017

  Skuuluk - School

Taaggua skuulurpet mikpakartuq.

Our school sure is too small.

Alaska State Representative Paul Seaton's weekly interview with KBBI's Carolyn Norton - recorded Friday, June 2nd.

Courtesy of Keep Cannabis Legal

Marijuana businesses across the Kenai Peninsula Borough are facing an uncertain future. Ballot Proposition 1 will go to a vote in October and would ban all pot operations within the borough that don’t fall under municipal regulations. A ballot initiative group is pushing back against the proposition by promoting the economic growth of the marijuana industry.

Keep Cannabis Legal gave a presentation to the Homer Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Board Friday. The ballot initiative group is traveling around the peninsula to push back against Ballot Proposition 1.

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

Gov. Bill Walker declared opioid abuse in Alaska as a public health crisis earlier this year. Between prescription painkillers and heroin, 114 people died from overdoses in 2016. Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships – or MAPP – held a forum on the epidemic Wednesday at Homer High School. The community health coalition of area residents, businesses and faith-based organizations put on the event to raise awareness about addiction as a disease.

Homer City Council recall organizers
Heartbeat of Homer were the guests on this week's Coffee Table. Political action committee spokesperson Sarah Vance and recall supporter Ralph Crane spent the hour live in the studio taking questions from the listeners.

Photo KBBI.

There’s still a lot scientists don’t know about what warming waters could mean for salmon. So gathering temperature data in those systems has become a hot topic. This month, one of the first studies in Alaska was published in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. It’s a small part of a larger effort to design a statewide database on all things salmon. 

Photo by KBBI.

A memorandum aimed at finding cuts in the Homer Public Library’s budget was voted down Tuesday. The memorandum, put forth by council member Tom Stroozas, would have directed the Library Advisory Board to examine how to cut the library’s budget by 5 to 15 percent.

The advisory board doesn’t meet during the summer. Stroozas amended the motion to have Library Director Ann Dixon explore cuts instead, but that was voted down.

Alaska State Representative Paul Seaton of Homer stopped by  KBBI studios for a conversation with Carolyn Norton on Friday, May 26th.

Sugt'stun Word of the Week - May 29, 2017

May 29, 2017

Ac'irluni: Feel the groove

Ac'iqii cauyarngata Iwanunkut wamngata.

The music sure got into John when they played music.

Courtesy of the Homer Police Department

The Homer City Council will examine recommendations to build a new police station during its regular meeting May 30. The Police Station Building Task Force voted Tuesday to recommend constructing a new facility near Waddell Way just north of the post office.

The panel also weighed whether to expand the current police station, which was built in the 1980s. Task force member Coletta Walker said the city-owned Waddell site had great access on all sides and seemed like the logical choice.