Sugt'stun Word of the Week - Nov. 20, 2017

Nov 22, 2017
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Piinaq  -  Fermented Salmon Eggs

Alimpiadam piina piurcimalraa taagua ikllinalraa.

Olimpiada's fermented salmon eggs must be ready. Boy, they look delicious.

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

Towns across Alaska have to grapple with what to do once a known sex offender returns to the community after serving their punishment. Though there are clear limits in some areas, there are massive gray zones, as well. Residents in Homer are struggling to balance fairness with safety ahead of one of the Kenai Peninsula’s biggest celebrations.

Every year, Homer hosts the Nutcracker Faire. The family-affair draws people from all over the Kenai Peninsula for a pre-holiday craft fair and children’s performance of the nutcracker.

Photo Courtesy of South Peninsula Hospital

The South Peninsula Hospital has been looking for ways to fill a budget gap after the state made a 5-percent cut to Medicaid reimbursement rates in September.

The program pays for low-income patients’ hospital bills with state and federal dollars. The cut extends to both inpatient and outpatient care given since July 1, potentially costing the hospital over $1 million dollars.

The Coffee Table - November 15, 2017

Nov 17, 2017

This week's Coffee Table is our annual cooking show. Host, Jeff Lockwood talks with KBBI Libation Consultant Skip Clary and Chef Teri Robl about cooking temperatures, rolls and side dishes and wine and beer pairings for the holiday meal.

Sugt'stun Word of the Week - November 13, 2017

Nov 15, 2017

Paankaq  - Can

Ellma'aq puyuq'art'snguara qakiiyaq paankaqutapet.

We are going to can smoked silver salmon strips.

Image courtesy of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Superintendent Sean Dusek took questions from peninsula residents Tuesday night via Facebook Live. Questions ranged from lice policy to the district’s $140 million budget.

Dusek said the district has sustained about $7 million in budget cuts over the past few years. He stressed that the district has been able to handle those cuts without making major reductions in the classroom or teaching staff.

Courtesy of Bjorn Olson.

Homer resident Bjorn Olson is a filmmaker, photographer and self-described environmentalist. Olson has taken several trips into northern Alaska using mostly man-powered means of transportation. He returned to the Arctic this summer with his partner and two friends to bike about 420 miles from the village of Point Hope to Utqiagvik, but the trip wasn’t just an adventure.

Courtesy of Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association

The Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association walked back a contentious plan to move most of a hatchery operation to the head of Tutka Bay near Homer Saturday. The association currently operates the Tutka Bay Hatchery in a lagoon connected to the bay, and the facility is permitted to release up to 100 million pink salmon at the new site.

State of Alaska

What kind of care does the State of Alaska make available? On this week's Coffee Table, Homer Public Health Nurse Alivia Erickson and Nurse Jerry Troshynski, Alaska Department of Public Health Regional Supervisor,
go over the services and programs available today
at your Homer Public Health Center and across the peninsula.


Courtesy of Alaska Legislature

Alaska’s Legislature is in the midst of its fourth special session. Gov. Bill Walker called legislators back to Juneau to tackle criminal justice reform and to consider his latest tax proposal. KBBI’s Aaron Bolton spoke with Homer Rep. Paul Seaton about the House passing its version of Senate Bill 54, which would bring back jail time for class C felonies and where the House Finance Committee stands on Walker’s flat tax proposal.