Public Meeting Set To Discuss Nikiski Incorporation

Feb 8, 2017
State of Alaska

Kenai Peninsula residents will soon have the opportunity to learn more about a proposal to incorporate Nikiski into a home-rule city.

The Local Boundary Commission will hold a public informational meeting in Nikiski on Feb. 21 to discuss the issue.

Over 300 Nikiski residents submitted a petition in October to incorporate a 5,400-square-mile area into a home-rule city. The region stretches across northern Cook Inlet, from the Alaska Range in the west to Anchorage in the east.

Margaret Willson

Until recently, very little was known about the Icelandic women who live and work on fishing boats. As it turns out, these women have been braving Iceland’s treacherous waters for centuries.

University of Washington anthropology professor Margaret Willson will present her research on the “Seawomen of Iceland” tonight at 5:30 pm at the Pratt Museum. KBBI’s Shahla Farzan spoke with Willson about her research and the upcoming talk.

Sugt'stun Word of the Week for Feb. 5, 2017

Feb 5, 2017
Daysha Eaton

Teng’ulraq, Airplane.

Teng’ulrat mic’irkaitut migwik saqignatii.

Translation: Planes will not land until the airstrip is plowed and grated.

Teng’ulraq, Airplane.

Homer's 2017 Winter Carnival Aims To 'Jazz Up Winter'

Feb 3, 2017
Homer Chamber of Commerce

The annual Winter Carnival in Homer is on track for this month.

Organizers say the event is meant to put an end to winter cabin fever and celebrate the return of the sunnier months.

Backcountry Film Festival Celebrates Winter Wilderness

Feb 3, 2017
Winter Wildlands Alliance

A series of short films centered around the outdoor experience is coming to Homer Feb. 9, from 7-9 p.m. The Backcountry Film Festival is produced annually by the nonprofit Winter Wildlands Alliance, based in Boise, Idaho.

The goal of the festival is to show people how to protect and use landscapes in winter. For that reason, the Alliance says funds raised at local screenings stay within the community to support conservation and education efforts.

KBBI’s Shady Grove Oliver spoke with Alaska Quiet Rights Coalition volunteer Willy Dunne about the event:

Options Dwindle For Orphan Sea Otters

Feb 3, 2017
Alaska Sealife Center

In coastal Alaska, a bacterial infection has caused adult sea otter die-offs in record numbers. Meanwhile, researchers have seen a steep increase in the number of orphaned pups over the last several years.

In North America, the places where rescued pups would normally live out their lives are nearly full, putting volunteers in a tough spot.

Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge

Wildlife management on the Kenai Peninsula is the focus of a talk this evening in Homer.

Bringing the process of managing natural resources to the public is the goal of the presentation, organizers say.

Interpretive Signs Showcase Small Boat Harbor

Feb 2, 2017
City of Homer

The trails and parks on the Spit look quite different now than they did just a few years ago.

“There have been a lot of improvements that have been done over several years," said Carey Meyer, director of public works.

Much of the construction was done in 2014 and 2015 in the form of capital projects through the city.

Parallel Pacific Cod Season Open In Cook Inlet

Feb 2, 2017

On Jan. 1, the parallel Pacific cod season for pot, jig, and longline gear, opened in the Cook Inlet Management Area.

Although it’s held in state waters, it’s managed by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, Fisheries.

Dog Treat Company Moves To Seldovia

Jan 31, 2017
Seldovia Wild

After years of planning, a new company will soon be moving to Seldovia.

Seldovia Wild Seafood specializes in high-end dog treats, including salmon jerky.

Although the company has been based in Anchorage since its inception four years ago, Chief Operating Officer Brendan Bieri said it was always the plan to move it to its namesake community.