Pebble Limited Partnership.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will close the commenting period of its scoping process for the Pebble Mine Project Friday evening. As the last of the comments trickle in, some critics of the mine are taking issue with some changes that were made during the scoping period.

The comments the Army Corps of Engineers collected from the public will set the stage for what it will study as it compiles the Environmental Impact Statement.

Courtesy of Drew Hamilton

As the scoping process for the Pebble Mine moves forward, Cook Inletkeeper is hosting several workshops in Homer in an effort to broaden public comments given to the Army Corps of Engineers. Inletkeeper held a session Monday about how Pebble’s infrastructure may affect bears on the western side of Cook Inlet. Bear viewing operations, biologists and others from the tourism industry fear the project would lead to population declines in the area.

Pebble Limited Partnership Army Corps of Engineers application

The discussion around the proposed Pebble Mine in Southwestern Alaska has primarily been focused on Bristol Bay. But the effect the project will have on Cook Inlet and Homer is still unclear. The Army Corps of Engineers is preparing an environmental impact statement analyzing the impacts of Pebble Limited Partnership’s proposal. They will gather input on what to include in the EIS from the public during several scoping sessions throughout April. Homer environmentalists want to make sure the Corps studies any potential implications for the Homer area.