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Last week the Trump administration proposed to drastically increase the amount of Alaska waters open for oil and gas leasing. Along with keeping Cook Inlet open, it would also make areas near Kodiak and the Gulf of Alaska available for drilling, both of which are currently closed. Yet, it’s unclear if companies will be interested in drilling there even if the plan is approved. Still, the move worries local environmentalists and fishermen.

No Extension for Lease Sale Comment Period

Sep 2, 2016
Image courtesy of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management formally rejected requests to extend the public comment period on the proposed Cook Inlet lease sale on Thursday.

Bob Shavelson is the Executive Director of Cook Inletkeeper. He says that the timing of the public comment period excluded many Kenai Peninsula residents who were traveling or fishing over the summer.

Bill Would Remove Cook Inlet Tax Credits

Jun 13, 2016
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Since the mid-2000s, oil and gas activity in Cook Inlet stood to benefit from lucrative tax credits and incentives meant to boost exploration and development, and stabilize the natural gas supply. If Gov. Walker signs the Legislature’s compromise on oil and gas tax reform, those credits will come to an end.

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Recently, Cook Inletkeeper sponsored a panel discussion to commemorate the 40th anniversary the Kachemak Bay oil and gas lease buyback. The buyback prevented oil and gas development in the Bay and protected it as a critical habitat area.