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The North Pacific Fishery Management Council formed a committee Thursday to explore management options for salmon in the federal waters of Cook Inlet. The court-ordered move comes after the council lost a lawsuit in 2016 against an industry group. The lawsuit first began in 2013 after the council gave control of federal salmon fisheries in Cook Inlet to the state. Here’s NPFMC council member Glenn Merrill.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Heimbuch

New regulations on the Gulf of Alaska halibut charter industry could reduce the number of days operators are able to spend on the water.

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council, which regulates the charter industry in the Gulf and Southeast Alaska, unanimously approved shutting down fishing on seven Tuesdays between June 19 and Aug. 21 at its annual meeting Thursday.

North Pacific Fishery Management Council

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council, which regulates groundfish in Alaska and other federal fisheries, is gearing up for its annual meeting next week, and the halibut charter industry will be a hot topic.

Courtesy of NPFMC

The North Pacific Fisheries Management Council announced it has a new executive director last week. Former Deputy Director David Witherell will be taking over for Chris Oliver, who was appointed to manage fisheries for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  

The council manages halibut and ground fish in the Gulf of Alaska, along the Aleutian Islands and the Bering Sea. Witherell said he’s prepared to take over the position.