Kachemak Crane Watch

Kachemak Bay Conservation Society

This Sunday, May 22, will be
the 48th celebration Earth Day,
a worldwide observance of the importance
of environmental conservation.

The Kachemak Bay Conservation Society has two days of events planned, beginning with their annual meeting on Saturday and ending on Sunday at their headquarters at 3734 Ben Walters Lane with a plan for producing renewable energy in Alaska.
KBBI's Jeff Lockwood has the story.


KBBI's Jeff Lockwood talk to the organizers for this story.

Kachemak Crane Watch

Sandhill cranes are just beginning to arrive in the Homer area. But if this season is anything like the past few years, more cranes will be nesting in town. Nina Faust is the co-founder of Kachemak Crane Watch, which is dedicated to the conservation of sandhill cranes. The organization relies on residents and visitors to report crane sightings.

We've had a lot more calls about cranes in small groups and that larger group of 24 hanging around in town,” she said. “We've had an increase in the number of calls about those over the last couple of years.”  

Lesser Sandhill Cranes Arrive in Homer

Apr 18, 2016
Courtesy of Kachemak Crane Watch

Lesser Sandhill Cranes are arriving in Homer for the summer. Nina Faust and Edgar Bailey with Kachemak Crane Watch shared some photos of the cranes with KBBI. Kachemak Crane Watch received the first report of cranes in the Homer area on March 9.

Cranes Gone For Winter

Sep 30, 2015
Photo Courtesy of Kachemak Crane Watch

Summer has come and gone and Sandhill Cranes are heading south after another successful year nesting in the Kachemak Bay area. A citizen scientist group that counts the cranes each fall reports their numbers are in keeping with past years. But, KBBI’s Quinton Chandler reports crane lovers are worried by what awaits the birds in drought stricken California.