Homer marijuana cultivator gets green light after initial denial

May 15, 2018

Credit Courtesy Alcohol & Marijuana Control Board

A Homer-based marijuana cultivation business that was caught growing several plants prior to approval by the state Marijuana Control Board will now be allowed to legally operate.

The control board denied Alaska Loven It’s standard cultivation permit application in January after co-owner Dan Coglianese was found growing 24 immature marijuana plants prior to approval.

Co-owner Janiese Stevens met with Alaska Marijuana & Alcohol Control Office Director Erika McConnell after the permit was denied. In a subsequent letter to McConnell, Stevens, a certified public accountant, told the director that she was better equipped to make sure the business is in compliance should it be approved.

Stevens also said Coglianese would mainly oversee cultivation of the plants and that she would train him and employees in order to remain compliant with state laws and regulations.

The board reconsidered Loven It’s application at its April meeting. In a memo to the board, McConnell suggested that if the board was inclined to approve Loven It’s application, that it require the Homer City Council to rescind its objection to the business before it makes its final decision.  

The board did approve Loven It for operation with the stipulation that the council would also need to give the business the green light.  On Monday, the council did exactly that.

Co-owner Stevens could not be reached in time for comment, but Coglianese said he expects the business to be fully operational by July.