City Council appoints members to HERC task force

May 30, 2018

Credit Image Courtesy of the City of Homer

The Homer City Council appointed seven members to the Homer Education and Recreation Complex task force Monday, but it did not include a member of the Park, Arts, Recreation and Culture Advisory Commission.  The task force will evaluate the cost of bringing the building up to code among other questions.  

Multiple members of the public have advocated to include a member of the advisory commission on the task force because of the commission’s previous work with the building.

Council Member Shelly Erickson worried including an advisory commission member could hinder the task force’s progress.

“When you have a committee of eight, it makes it very difficult when you have a tie vote in this way and this way we still have the seven people that are there,” she said.

Erickson did suggest adding both a member from the parks commission and a city council member to the task force as non-voting members.

There is still a possibility that a member from the advisory commission may join the group. The city council will vote again on whether to create an additional seat on the task force during its next regular meeting June 11.