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With Homer’s local election under two weeks away, six of the seven candidates for two Homer City Council seats met Thursday at Kachemak Bay Campus for a town-hall style forum. Candidates took questions from the audience as well as Homer News and KBBI. Topics ranged from capital projects to the budget and jobs.

When it came to capital projects, the police station, a new harbor and a haul out facility for large vessels topped the list. The city still needs to secure about $4.5 million to complete the haul out facility and the price tag for a new harbor is about $100 million.

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

Pink salmon seem to be showing up everywhere in creeks and along beaches all around Kachemak Bay and the outer coast of the Peninsula. Pinks are returning to systems that have historically never supported salmon. That has caused some head scratching in the fishing community, and there are differing theories as to why pinks are colonizing new systems.

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Rachel Lord is a small business owner who is running for Homer City Council. The business minded candidate wants to focus on a new police station and other marine-based capital projects.

When it comes to community involvement, Rachel Lord’s resume is lengthy.

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Dwayne Nustvoldt Jr. is running for a spot on the Homer City Council and has been living in Homer on and off for 20 years. The former businessman has new ideas for improving the homer economy while maintaining conservative values.

“My main goal is to bring infrastructure here,” Nustvoldt says.

Nustvoldt has owned companies in asphalt, trucking, and landscaping.  He takes pride in his ability to outcompete with chain stores and wants to use his skillset on improving Homer’s harbor.

Stephen Mueller, a local pharmacist, is running for one of two seats on the Homer City Council. Mueller is running for his first time, and wants to focus his message on capital projects, new sources of income and a cautious marijuana policy.

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Caroline Venuti is a retired teacher and principal who has served on the Library Advisory Board and the Transportation Advisory Committee for the city of Homer.

When asked if being an elementary school teacher prepares her for city council, Venuti smiles and says she has learned excellent management skills.

“Try heading a third-grade class on the first day of school,” she says.

One of Venuti’s primary points of focus is on disaster preparedness.

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A new marijuana retail store is on track to open in Homer this fall. Uncle Herb’s, which would be located along Ocean Drive, had its license approved by the Marijuana Control Board Friday.  Owner Lloyd Stiassny is happy to be at this stage of the process,

“Very excited, I’m looking forward to moving forward, working with the city and community of Homer.  I think it’s an excellent opportunity for economic growth,” he said.

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Two Homer City Council seats are up for election on October 3. This week, KBBI's Jesse Rabinowitz hosted candidates on The Coffee Table, KBBI's live , call-in public affairs program.
Wednesday, September 13
Guests:  Kim Ketter, Rachel Lord,
Caroline Venuti and Dwane Nustvold

Thursday, September 14
Guests: Andy Kita, Stephen Meuller, Sarah Vance


Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

When students walk into Walter Love’s auto shop class, they might not know anything about the cars and trucks they’ll be working on, but by the time they leave, they’ll be prepared to take on everything from basic repairs to advanced jobs. However, the program continues to come at a hefty cost while education funding around state dwindles. Love has not only been able to keep the self-funded program going, but he’s expanding the class’ offerings.

Jesse Rabinowitz, KBBI News

The fourteenth annual Homer Documentary Film Festival is just around the corner. KBBI’s Jesse Rabinowitz sat down with festival organizer Jamie Sutton to talk about what to expect this year.

The festival will run Sept. 21 through Sept. 28. You can find more information here.