Jesse Rabinowitz

Courtesy of Pier One Theater

Jesus Christ Superstar is coming to Homer. The rock musical, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber in the 1970s, is based on Jesus’s last week of life.

Pier One Theater’s Lance Peterson, Mark Robinson and Jennifer Norton are directing the play. Norton is very proud of her cast of 48 community members, and she warns that this production takes place somewhere a bit more modern than Jerusalem.

“Near-future dystopian alternate reality, definitely think Blade Runner,” Norton said.

Courtesy of Ginger Frizzell

What if you could get paid for simply agreeing to not develop any wetlands on your property? The idea is to store carbon in marshes and bogs, preventing the greenhouse gas from entering the atmosphere, and the Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve wants to know if enough carbon is stored around Kachemak Bay to turn a profit.

Image courtesy of Alaska State Troopers

Early Thursday morning, a Dodge Nitro SUV parked outside Sarge’s Auto Repair Shop in Anchor Point was stolen and used to rob the Useful Things Pawnshop.

The assailants used the SUV to drive to the shop, break in, and the vehicle was later abandoned.

Mike Slaughter owns the pawnshop and he estimates $20,000 worth of merchandise was taken from the store. 

“We had five handguns taken, some rings, miscellaneous jewelry, some old bills, some high-end knives,” Slaughter listed.

Photo courtesy of the City of Homer

Kadel is Homer Fire Department’s new Assistant Fire Chief. Before working in Homer, Kadel was a Deputy Chief in Girdwood for 20 years. 

Kadel says he is excited to get to work and wants to focus on capacity building.

He plans to start teaching an introductory firefighting class for about eight new recruits from Homer, the Anchor Point Fire Department and Kachemak Emergency Services.

Even though Kadel just got here, he has already received fan mail.

“This is a card I just received yesterday. It says, ‘You’re an angel, a star and a blessing,” Kadel read..  

Courtesy of the City of Homer

Kimberly Ketter is running for one of two seats on the Homer City Council this fall. Ketter also ran for a seat in 2016.

She says she doesn’t like the way things are running currently and hopes to make a change. Ketter thinks the current council does not consider the views of every citizen in Homer.

Photo courtesy of LGL Alaska Research Associates

The beluga whale population in Cook Inlet has been steadily declining since the 1970s. The number of whales in the area today is just a third of what it once was, and the Alaska Department of Fish Game wants to help belugas recover.

In order to do that, Fish and Game needs to answer other questions about mating and their habitat, and two new studies aim to do just that.

Back in the 1970s, beluga whales were common around Cook Inlet, with a count of about 1,300 in the area. Now that number is closer to 340. 

Courtesy of the City of Homer

Homer City Council Candidate Sarah Vance grew up in Homer and is currently raising a young family here. KBBI spoke to Vance about capital projects, recreational cannabis, and what type of city council she would like to see.

Vance wants to bring a communal feel back to the city council.

“More than anything, just having a common sense for listening to the voice of the people and wanting to retain our core values and what’s important,” she said.   

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

With Homer’s local election under two weeks away, six of the seven candidates for two Homer City Council seats met Thursday at Kachemak Bay Campus for a town-hall style forum. Candidates took questions from the audience as well as Homer News and KBBI. Topics ranged from capital projects to the budget and jobs.

When it came to capital projects, the police station, a new harbor and a haul out facility for large vessels topped the list. The city still needs to secure about $4.5 million to complete the haul out facility and the price tag for a new harbor is about $100 million.

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

Pink salmon seem to be showing up everywhere in creeks and along beaches all around Kachemak Bay and the outer coast of the Peninsula. Pinks are returning to systems that have historically never supported salmon. That has caused some head scratching in the fishing community, and there are differing theories as to why pinks are colonizing new systems.

Courtesy of the City of Homer

Rachel Lord is a small business owner who is running for Homer City Council. The business minded candidate wants to focus on a new police station and other marine-based capital projects.

When it comes to community involvement, Rachel Lord’s resume is lengthy.