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Aaron Bolton is excited to come on board at KBBI after spending his first year reporting in the state at KSTK in Wrangell. He grew up in southern Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2015 with a degree in professional journalism.

Prior to Alaska, Aaron reported for Radio K in Minneapolis. He spent his free time going to local concerts and promoting shows and music festivals. Since making the move, he has spent his time in the backcountry snowboarding whenever possible.

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After a recent move to block District 31 House Rep. Paul Seaton of Homer and two other House representatives from next year’s Republican primaries, which the state has denied, district party leaders on the southern Kenai Peninsula are actively recruiting candidates to run against Seaton next fall.

Photo Courtesy of Holland Dotts & the Alaska Marine Conservation Council.

A dramatic decline in Gulf of Alaska Pacific cod stocks forced regulators to hack the fishery’s total allowable catch by about 80 percent Saturday. The large cut will likely hit the commercial fishing industry in the Gulf hard.

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council, which regulates groundfish in the Gulf and Bering Sea,  made the move due to a roughly 70-percent decline in Pacific cod. Cod is Alaska’s second largest commercial fishery by volume, bringing in $186 million in 2015.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Heimbuch

New regulations on the Gulf of Alaska halibut charter industry could reduce the number of days operators are able to spend on the water.

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council, which regulates the charter industry in the Gulf and Southeast Alaska, unanimously approved shutting down fishing on seven Tuesdays between June 19 and Aug. 21 at its annual meeting Thursday.

Alder Seaman

State Representative Paul Seaton is this week's guest. KBBI News Director Aaron Bolton reviews the budget, this year's session and special sessions, as well as the recent vote within the state Republican party to block Seaton and two other Republicans from running on the party's ticket.

Image Courtesy of The Atlantic

The window to sign up for healthcare through Alaska’s insurance marketplace may be smaller this year, but Alaskans seem to be aware of the deadline to get healthcare coverage. About 2,000 more people have signed up in the first month of the enrollment period compared to last year.

Jessie Menkens works for the Alaska Primary Care Association, which helps guide people outside of the Anchorage area through the application process.

Courtesy of Alaska Legislature

Alaska Republican Party leaders voted Saturday to block Homer Rep. Paul Seaton, Anchorage Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux and Rep. Louise Stutes of Kodiak from running in the party’s 2018 primaries.  

All three representatives joined Democrats and independents last fall to form a bipartisan coalition, taking control of the House away from Republicans. The Republican Party’s state central committee said that violated a party rule about caucusing with other political parties and that the legislators misled voters when the joined the coalition.

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

An ethics complaint filed in relation to Homer’s recall election this summer was thrown out Friday.

Larry Zuccaro, one of the original petitioners that sought to recall three Homer City Council members in June, filed the ethics complaint on July 31 against council members Donna Aderhold, Catriona Reynolds and David Lewis.

Homer residents voted in favor of each member retaining their seats, but the complaint argues that the council members should have recused themselves from certifying the election results.

North Pacific Fishery Management Council

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council, which regulates groundfish in Alaska and other federal fisheries, is gearing up for its annual meeting next week, and the halibut charter industry will be a hot topic.

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

Those looking to get into the Christmas spirit will be able to kick off the season this weekend with several performances of the Nutcracker. Over 75 young dancers and actors have been working on this year’s performance since August.

Co-director Breezy Berryman is getting her dancers ready for the opening performance of the Nutcracker Saturday.

Young kids to teenagers are working through the steps as Co-director Jennifer Norton and Berryman look on, making sure every last detail is perfect.

Creative Commons photo by Ed Bierman

The International Pacific Halibut Commission, which regulates halibut fisheries in U.S. and Canadian waters, heard a presentation on reducing or eliminating the minimum size limit for commercially caught halibut at its interim meeting in Seattle Wednesday. It’s estimated removing the limit would boost the total catch across all districts by about 4 percent, but commissioners and fishermen questioned whether the change would reduce prices at the docks.