Recent News Stories

There has been a nationwide recall of certain peaches, nectarines, plums and pluots distributed by Wawona Packing Company.


The Homer Jackpot Halibut derby is the longest running of its kind in the state. This season’s derby has gotten much more competitive over the last few weeks.


The suspect in the July 15th Trooper-involved shooting on the Sterling Highway has been identified, arrested and charged with assault.


Earlier this summer, Homer Council on the Arts held a community meeting to discuss its plans as an organization in the coming years. There are several ways in which it hopes to revitalize its building, space, and programs.


The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge kicked off Sunday, July 20, in Key West, Florida. It’s an estimated 7,500-mile journey from the tip of Florida to the end of the Homer Spit.


Three young adult sea otters are spending the summer at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward while they wait to be transferred to a permanent home in Europe.


The current special exhibit at the Pratt Museum through September 21, Reliquary, was created by local artist Jo Going. It's a mixed media exhibit with spiritual origins that harkens back to both cathedrals of Europe and the wild tundra.

Fans of robots and Sumo wrestling are in for a treat this Saturday at the Robot Sumo/Arduino programming workshop at the Homer Public Library.