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Three of the six candidates, two Republican and one Democrat, hoping to nudge Congressman Don Young from his long-held House seat met for a debate in Kenai Wednesday.


After three very long meetings, the Borough Assembly was finally able to put to rest the debate about a Peninsula-wide bed tax at its meeting this week.


This current fight between sport and commercial fishing interests on the Kenai Peninsula stems from a several-year decline in king salmon returns, with both sides holding the other responsible for the historically low numbers.

Salmonstock Festival is one big party with campers, music, games, food, and wild salmon advocates. The festival is a way for environmental activists to introduce and remind people of issues they believe are crucial to the preservation of Alaska’s resources.

The Seldovia Village Tribe was awarded a $40,000 dollar grant from the National Park Service for cultural preservation. The grant is part of a national tribal preservation program to fund American Indian, Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native organizations.

Borough Mayor Mike Navarre issued a veto for the ordinance that would put a three percent transient accommodations tax on the books, if voters approved it in the fall.


The Cooper Landing public library is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Over the last three decades, it's become a social hub of the small community.


An Alaskan group is touring the state trapping volunteers in full body casts to illustrate the burdens of mental illness. The project’s lead artist hopes to shine a new light on these debilitating conditions and help prevent suicides.