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Allie Ostrander - Photo Courtesy of Alaska Sports Hall of Fame

Kenai runner Allie Ostrander has sprinted her way into the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame. She was named Wednesday as the female recipient of the 2015 Pride of Alaska Award. It’s one of the Directors’ Awards, chosen by the Hall of Fame board of directors. Ostrander is a senior at Kenai Central High School. She’s dominated local, statewide, and national competitions this academic year.

Deepwater Horizon Spill - Photo Courtesy of

The Environmental Protection Agency released on January 13th a proposal to review the use of chemical dispersants in oil spill response. Dispersants are controversial chemical agents that break up oil into smaller drops and help it mix with water, but don’t eliminate it. The proposed amendments are seeing support from local environmental groups some of which were part of the first push to change the existing rules.

Several representatives and senators have chosen to pre-file bills before the official start of the legislative session on January 20th. Peninsula legislators, including Senator Peter Micciche, sponsored a number of items covering everything from health to election pamphlets.

Photo Courtesy of Tami Murray

Wind, heavy rain, and temperatures at times nearing 50 degrees on the Kenai Peninsula mean the Tustumena 200 sled dog race won’t be running February 7th as planned. At this point, it's been delayed until February 21st, but race coordinators aren’t even confident it will run at all this year.

Still and Again – Projections, Watercolors, and Poetry is now open at the Bunnell Street Arts Center. It’s a collection of work by Homer mixed media artist Jo Going. The exhibit is a mix of many forms, featuring a video of Going reading poems from her latest book, and paintings from her time as an artist-in-residence abroad.

KBBI's annual event, Concert on the Lawn, turned 35 last year. But times have changed, as has much of what made this event special and possible. After much consideration and deliberation, KBBI has decided not to produce the concert this summer. General Manager Dave Anderson sends this note to the community to explain why the decision was made.

Photo Courtesy of the International Federation of Pickleball

The City of Homer’s Community Recreation program has seen an increase in participation this year for their collection of activities ranging from fencing and karate to ping pong and basketball. No one is sure how to explain the uptick, but the increase means a definite surge in revenue for the city. One of the program's most popular activities is a sport that combines elements from three other extremely popular games.

Photo Courtesy of Kachemak Nordic Ski Club

The members of the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club are cut off from their favorite pastime until the peninsula sees a decent snowfall. In the meantime the skiers are still working the trails. They are mowing, clearing brush, building ridges, and keeping up with general maintenance. Several members are also moving to alternative types of exercise.