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Photo Courtesy of the International Federation of Pickleball

The City of Homer’s Community Recreation program has seen an increase in participation this year for their collection of activities ranging from fencing and karate to ping pong and basketball. No one is sure how to explain the uptick, but the increase means a definite surge in revenue for the city. One of the program's most popular activities is a sport that combines elements from three other extremely popular games.

Photo Courtesy of Kachemak Nordic Ski Club

The members of the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club are cut off from their favorite pastime until the peninsula sees a decent snowfall. In the meantime the skiers are still working the trails. They are mowing, clearing brush, building ridges, and keeping up with general maintenance. Several members are also moving to alternative types of exercise.

The new legislative session starts in two weeks, and with the price of crude oil continuing its free-fall, Alaska's senators and representatives will be scrambling to make ends meet. Senator Gary Stevens foresees bleak times ahead for towns wanting to spruce up their infrastructure on the state's dime.

“The Care and Feeding of Jack” is the latest endeavor of Homer filmmaker Brian Smith. The script is finished and now, he’s looking for cast members, crew, and locations to film. He hopes to have it ready to preview at the Homer Theater in December. KBBI’s Shady Grove Oliver spoke with Smith about this ambitious project and why it’s particularly meaningful to him.

Jess Tenhoff - Photo by Quinton Chandler/KBBI

A Homer businesswoman says a powerful tax provision gives people the chance to use regular donations to their favorite nonprofits to support their local businesses. She says the additional support will be especially meaningful during the winter when work is hard to come by and business is slow. The tax maneuver is simple and potentially effective, but the full impact to non-profits is still unknown.

Paddlers Steer Towards Shore - Photo by Quinton Chandler/KBBI

The Center for Water Advocacy and the Kachemak Bay Water Trail Association successfully launched their first paddle of the year along the Homer Spit this weekend. The water was smooth and the paddlers reached their destination without mishap. After their successful trip the paddlers celebrated with a simple beach-side barbecue.

The 2015 groundfish fisheries outlook is here for Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet. The guideline harvest level isn't set yet for Prince William Sound sablefish, while the GHL decreases for sablefish in Cook Inlet. Pacific cod in Cook Inlet will see a higher GHL than in 2014. Many of the other fisheries will stay relatively unchanged from last year.

Happy New Year from KBBI News!

2014 was a big year for peninsula news. From wildfires to elections to unbelievable adventures, the Kenai was buzzing with hot stories from January to December. Here's a look at 2014, the year in review!