Underwriting/Business Partners

KBBI has a long history of being the number one listened to station in the greater Homer and Anchor Point areas, with a weekly listenership of 5,710 between M-F 6am-7pm for ages 12 and up. With 54.4 % of the total community listening to KBBI, your message is heard. These ratings are more than double of any other station in the area.  (Statistics provided from an independent surveyor Eastlan Ratings, Fall 2010).

Reach a broad market with sophisticated messaging, while publicly lending financial support to KBBI before a loyal and engaged audience. Since 1979, no other media source reaches homes and businesses throughout our broadcast region, covering much of the Kenai Peninsula from Kodiak Island to Kasilof as well as the west side of Cook Inlet. Because KBBI is an AM station, it reaches locations FM stations cannot. Click here to see our current Underwriters.


  1. There is a $100 minimum buy for one message to be produced.
  2. The length of message is 15 seconds, voiced by KBBI staff only, and cannot include music or any other background sound. This supports consistency and makes messages easy to understand by our listeners.
  3. Message must begin with the preamble of “Support for KBBI comes from...”
  4. Acknowledgement may include a description of location and/or services in value-neutral language and contact information, such as address, phone number, or website.
  5. Special event underwriting receives a complimentary post on KBBI’s facebook page (over 1,100 fans). Your message with your website link is posted, date/time determined by KBBI.
  6. Approved copy is needed at least five days prior to your preferred air date.
  7. If you are interested in airing messages on KDLL’s 91.9 FM station, we can create that contract as well.
  8. Nonprofits: inquiry about nonprofit discounts and EPSAs.


  1. On our website we will provide a direct link to your website.
  2. Acknowledgment of support will be posted once on KBBI’s facebook (over 2,000 fans) with a link to your website.
  3. Advance payments for annual contracts receive a 10% discount.
  4. Annual contract messages can be changed quarterly. There’s a $25 fee to produce additional messages.
  5. Inquire about our new package plans offering discounts for certain annual contracts, which ranges in savings from $80-$400.


Clear guidelines make for a good message. A combination of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and KBBI guidelines ensure that the message brought forth is clear, concise, and free of commercial clutter.

Announcements may NOT include the following:

  1. Calls to Action ("call, stop by, invite, join, come” or phrases prompting action)
  2. References to price ("free, on sale...” or the actual price)
  3. Superlatives ("best, greatest, most reliable, more…” or other qualitative descriptors)
  4. Inducements to buy, rent, sell, or lease (“discounts, complementary…”)
  5. Comparative language however factual (award-winning, board-certified, top rated...”)
  6.  Adjectives (“cozy, stellar, lovely, happy…”)
  7. The number of products/services cannot exceed four items.
  8. Use personal pronouns ("you, your, our, we…"). It suggests a personal statement on the part of KBBI.
  9. Language advocating political or religious views.
  10. Reference to third-party sponsors.
  11. Marketing taglines or slogans that do not meet official guidelines.


When you invest in KBBI, you take an active role in furthering the success of one of Homer’s respected institutions. In turn, the reputation of KBBI and public broadcasting sets your message apart and enhances your visibility with an audience that expects quality programming and services.

  • Increase your visibility and brand among a high profile, loyal, engaged, and well-informed audience.
  • Be heard in an uncluttered media environment. Public radio listeners appreciate the non-commercial language and are less likely to tune out than commercial radio audiences.
  • Strengthen your image by associating with and supporting KBBI’s commitment to the community, education, and public service. 80% of listeners agree that their opinion of a company is more positive when they discover it supports public radio.
  • Improve your bottom line with a smart, cost-efficient, and effective marketing plan. Your underwriting dollars are tax-deductible as permitted by law for 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.


For more information contact KBBI’s Development Office

at 235-7721 x 224 or development@kbbi.org





KBBI is Powered by Active Listeners like You

As we celebrate 35 years of broadcasting, we look ahead to technology improvements and the changing landscape of public radio.

Support the voices, music, information, and ideas that add so much to your life.Thank you for supporting your local public radio station.

What our current underwriters have to say:

"I underwrite one of KBBIs weekly show. As a local business owner I realized that there are many ways to spend your limited advertising dollars, too many. So you have to decide what is the best way to get a little buzz going about your business. KBBI was the first place I went to get the word out. I underwrite on KBBI because KBBI is local, KBBI reaches most of my customers and KBBI is the heartbeat of our community." Mako Haggerty, Mako's Water Taxi

"We, along with other non-profits, are trying to stretch our dollars, and underwriting on KBBI is an affordable way to “spread the word” about what’s happening at the Pratt.  Options for dispersing information continue to grow, but public radio remains an immediate, constant and reliable way to stay in touch with the community.  Pairing KBBI with the Pratt is a perfect example of local non-profits supporting each other, while working together to enhance the quality of life in Homer." Marcia Lynn, Pratt Museum

"I have been a faithful KBBI listener since it signed on the air in 1979.  When I started a business in Homer in 2003, becoming an underwriter was a natural transition. Because everyone I knew was a KBBI listener, I knew the audience is of the highest intellectual persuasion and that my investment is virtually unattainable in other media. The feeling of family that the KBBI signals is a true compliment to this place where the sound meets the sea." Frank Mullen, Raymond James

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