SPH Surgeon Brings Years of Military Experience


     After nine years as an active-duty general surgeon for the U.S. Air Force, Dr. Greg Hough has settled down in Homer to assist the South Peninsula Hospital. 

     Of the many positions available to those serving in the armed forces, few require the dedication and skill of someone assigned to a medical field as the ability to provide quick healing and surgery in an active combat zone is no easy feat.

     This past June, South Peninsula Hospital of Homer brought on the services of their new general surgeon, Dr. Greg Hough, who has spent the past nine years serving the United States Air Force in the same capacity, a service that he says included three separate tours of duty overseas. 

     "I did three deployments in that nine years ... one to Afghanistan, one to the Philippines and then to Indonesia, as well," said Hough.

     Trained in medicine at the University of Texas Medical School in Huston, the U.S. Air Force Medical Center at Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, and having completed his residency at the Wright State University School of Medicine in Ohio, Dr. Hough said that even though his three tours provided him with a different set of circumstances to work under, the medical training he had received had him prepped to work under said circumstances.

     "It wasn't new to me but definitely, with some of the wounds we were seeing ... it was a busy time," he said.

     Dr. Hough expanded on this statement by talking about his most recent deployment to the Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, saying that this tour in particular provided him with some of the scariest and most memorable moments of his nine years of service.

     Since 2008, Dr. Hough practiced general surgery at the Regional Hospital on the Elemendorf Air Force Base near Anchorage, but is now operating out of the South Peninsula Hospital’s new full-time surgical clinic. Dr. Hough said that he has wanted to move to Homer for some time now and that he happened to find employment just as his nine year commitment was reaching its conclusion.

     Now that his commitment to the Air Force has been served and he is settling in to Homer, Dr. Hough said that while he is proud of his service and time spent in the armed forces, he is also happy to be opening up a new chapter in his life.

     "This is the place I wanted to come to when I got out," he said. "I'm happy to be here."

     For more information about Dr. Hough, the South Peninsula Hospital and their new surgical clinic, visit www.sphosp.com