Shorebird Fest Officials to Enforce Registration Policy

     The annual Homer Shorebird Festival is set to kick off in May but this year, the Homer Chamber of Commerce is making some small changes. Homer Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Monte Davis says they will apply to several events associated with the festival.

    "Over the years, the Shorebird Festival has always had a whole bunch of different events that .... always have been listed as free," said Davis. "What we're trying to get across to folks this year is that really, nothing is free."

     Upon registering for the festival, attendees will be provided with proof of their registration that will grant them access to all events. Davis says that this year, unregistered individuals will not be turned away from events if they register on the spot.

     "Everybody who has registered ... will get a small ... keychain and they will show that when they come up to the door and they will be let in," he said.

     Davis says the policy changes are being implemented because for the past several years, the festival hasn’t received the same financial support that it used to. Despite the changes, he says the festival is in no immediate jeopardy but nonetheless, he encourages supporters to show their support financially to ensure its continued operation.

     For more information about the Homer Shorebird Festival, including how to register, visit the Chamber of Commerce’s website at