School Registration Begins Next Week

     School registration is starting up next week. Parents and guardians with new or returning students in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District have some time to prepare their kids and themselves for the next year.

     It’s that time of year when forms need to be filled out, sport physicals need to be scheduled and school supplies need to be purchased. Every student who plans to attend a KPBSD school must have a registration form filled out. And if you’re new to the district, there are a few additional basics to keep in mind as you start the process. You’ll need a physical examination from your doctor and an original birth certificate. 

     Immunizations also are necessary, unless you have a medical or religious exemption. Your student will need the typical protections against measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, etc… New students and those entering kindergarten, or 7th grade also must have a tuberculosis skin test. All those forms are available on the KPBSD website.

     So let’s say you have all that put together and ready to go… now it’s time to select the school. 

     The district has 43 schools total – 14 elementary, four middle, ten secondary and 15 small schools. There are your typical public schools, your charter schools or the district’s homeschool program, which is called Connections. As far as determining where you’ll wind up, well, a lot of it’s just based on geography. That’s unless you want to select the charter or homeschool option. There are three charter schools on the central peninsula and one on the southern side. 

     Registration begins as early as August 5th for schools like Redoubt and Soldotna Elementary. Seniors registering at Homer High should sign up August 6th with the lower classes throughout the rest of the week. The full rundown of times and dates is available at the district’s website. School officially begins Tuesday Aug. 20.