Pier One Theatre Spared From Lot Development, For Now

     Homer city officials have subdivided Lot 2, Tract 1-A on the Spit. That’s the area where the Pier One Theatre sits.

     City councilors had a couple choices with the Pier One lot. They could put the whole area up for lease and see what kinds of businesses might be interested. Or they could make two-thirds of the southeastern section of the parcel available, which would leave the theatre out of the mix. Councilors chose the latter during their meeting Monday night.

     Council member Francie Roberts said the intention has never been to drive anyone from the lot.

     “I’m thinking let’s get realistic and say this is the area that we have available. I’m not opposed to this barge haul-out idea, but I think we need to delineate where it really is going to be,” she said.

     Harbormaster Bryan Hawkins had mentioned the prospect of a barge haul-out facility on that lot during a work session last month. That may not be a reality for a few more years, though. If the council had left the entire lot open for bids, the theatre would have been out of luck. The parcel is zoned for marine commercial and industrial use.

     City Manager Walt Wrede said the dividing line for that area is basically at the edge of the fishing lagoon.

     “So that means that Pier One Theatre and the campground and the kayak launching area is all in the marine industrial zone. So technically that would mean that Pier One would not be eligible to apply for a lease,” he said.

     When city officials first started discussing a land-use plan for the area, they weren’t entirely sure what to expect. Mayor Beth Wythe said putting the whole lot up for lease could have drawn businesses or organizations out of the woodwork.

     “We keep hearing oh, there’s this thing or there’s that thing that’s interested in leasing this property, (but) council has never seen a proposal from anyone,” she said.

     City officials will lease portions of the lot, or the entire two-thirds. Wythe said the city also will need to figure out a way to reimburse the port and harbor enterprise fund after subdividing the parcel.