New Principals Chosen for Peninsula Schools


     The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District has been on a principal-hiring spree the last few months. Officials are still looking to fill two administrative positions on the southern peninsula. 

     This year there were more open principal positions than usual. Homer High, Homer Middle, Paul Banks Elementary, Susan B. English, Nikiski North Star Elementary and K-Beach Elementary all have or will have new principals.

     Homer High needs a new assistant principal now that Doug Waclawski has moved up to fill the vacant principal position. And Susan B. English in Seldovia still needs an administrator. Sheryl Hingley has been hired as the regional administrator for Sterling and Cooper Landing schools starting this fall. Initially, whoever took the job in Seldovia would have split time between that school and Port Graham but Superintendent Dr. Steve Atwater says he’s adjusted that position slightly.

     Community input does play a part in the hiring process for each principal. And Atwater says per capita, Seldovia had the largest turn out of any community needing a new administrator. He says ultimately the decision is up to him, but he uses the people who attend the meetings and interviews to gauge if a candidate is a bad fit.

     He expects to begin the hiring process for the Homer High assistant principal and Susan B. English principal Friday. All hires are subject to approval by the school board.