Murkowski Calls Out GOP 'War On Women'

Aaron Selbig


     Senator Lisa Murkowski has declared war on the Republican Party’s “war on women.” In pointed comments Wednesday, Murkowski took on the subjects of contraception, abortion and Rush Limbaugh.

     Murkowski attack

     That’s Senator Lisa Murkowski, responding to a question about the Republican Party’s so-called “War On Women,” which has recently placed a conservative spotlight on issues of family planning, contraception and abortion rights.

     Murkowski spoke at length about these issues on Wednesday’s edition of the “Coffee Table” program, which originally aired on KBBI Homer and KDLL Kenai. Some of her comments have since been picked up by the Homer News, MSNBC and the Washington Post website, as well as left-leaning outlets like MoveOn. Org and the HuffingtonPost, which seized on themas an example of a fracturing going on among Republican women.

     The conversation began with a question about Murkowski’s recent vote on an amendment to a transportation bill that would’ve allowed some employers to deny health care coverage for contraception.

     Murkowski says the discussion in Washington on that amendment was more about the merits of a so-called “conscience clause” as it relates to the first amendment freedom of religion than a direct attack on the use of contraception. 

     Murkowski contraception 2

     Murkowski also cites the recent blow-up between the Susan B. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood as a salvo in the Republican “war on women.”

     She says women – including Republican women like herself – certainly feel like they’re under attack.

     Murkowski worry

     Murkowski also reaffirmed her stance as a pro-choice Republican.

Murkowski abortion

     No one can become president in America, said Murkowski, without the support of women and the Republican party is – quote – “falling into a trap” by taking on these issues in an election year.

     Again, Senator Lisa Murkowski made her comments on the “Coffee Table” program, which aired Wednesday on KBBI and KDLL.