Man Beaten, Robbed Along East End Road

Aaron Selbig

     A cattle worker who was working near the village of Kachemak-Selo Wednesday afternoon was beaten on the side of the road and robbed by a pair of unknown assailants. Alaska State Troopers took the call shortly after 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. The caller reported a man standing on the side of the road in his boxer shorts.

     The victim of this crime agreed to speak with KBBI News about his experience. He did not want to go on tape with us and did not want his real name used in this story.

     The man is in his early 20s and has only been in Homer about a month, working for a couple who run cattle at the head of Kachemak Bay. He says the crime took place along the winding switchback road that leads down to the beach and to the Russian Old Believer village of Kachemak-Selo. 

     The victim says he was riding a four-wheeler down the road to the beach when a silver, single-cab pickup truck with three young men it came up behind him. The truck passed the victim slowly and then turned around to come back, eventually stopping their truck right in front of his four-wheeler.

     One of the suspects then threw a beer bottle at the victim but missed. As the man tried to get away, the two passengers of the truck got out and pursued him. The four-wheeler then tipped over and fell down an embankment, injuring the victim’s leg.

     The victim says he was disoriented from the fall when the two suspects approached him. He says the men were obviously intoxicated. He could smell alcohol on their breath and they were slurring their speech.

     The men tackled and then started punching the victim. One of the perpetrators took the victim’s knife and cut him in the abdominal area. 

     The suspects then took the victim’s clothes – including his shirt, pants and socks – as well as his cell phone, knife and a cross necklace that he was wearing around his neck. The victim says they then removed the victim’s belt and whipped him with it.

     The victim says the driver of the truck did not directly participate in the attack but was standing near the parked truck, egging on the attackers while it was happening. 

     After the attack, the suspects left in the truck.

     The victim admits he has a hard time describing the men. He was disoriented through much of the attack and says he was very frightened.

     He does know that the driver of the vehicle was tall and thin, with a black beard and aviator sunglasses. The two men who allegedly assaulted him were also thin but both of them had scarves or T-shirts masking most of their faces. One of them had black hair and hazel or light green eyes.

     The victim estimates all three of the men were in their late teens or early 20s. The truck they were driving is described as a small truck – possibly a Toyota – with a camper shell on it.

     He says some of the items stolen might be easy to recognize, including the cross necklace, a brown cowboy hat with a fish logo on the side and the knife, which had a caribou antler handle.

     Alaska State Troopers Spokesperson Megan Peters says Troopers are investigating the attack and are looking for any help from the public. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Anchor Point Trooper post at 235-8239.