Kenai Peninsula Orchestra Presents Brahms' 'Requiem'

     The Kenai Peninsula Community Chorus, the Homer High School Concert Choir and members of the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra will be performing the Brahms Requiem this weekend. There are concerts in Kenai and Homer. 

     Former Homer High Choir director Mark Robinson is directing this weekend’s performances. He’s been working with the ensemble since the fall.

     Robinson says while the piece does deal with death, it’s not going to be a solemn event. Traditionally, Requiems or Requiem masses were written in Catholic Latin to mourn the dead, but Brahms instead chose to write his in German and focused on comforting the living. This weekend the text will sung in English. Robinson says he hopes people will experience the joy of the piece.

     He says this piece is a personal one for him. He performed it in high school and calls the experience “life-changing” because the Brahms Requiem is one of the works that inspired him to dedicate his life to music. This also is the second time Robinson has performed this piece with singers and musicians across the Kenai Peninsula. The first time was in 1994. He says this is the type of work that should be performed every year. 

            Friday night’s concert will be at Kenai Central High School beginning at 7:30. There are two performances at the Mariner Theater in Homer – Saturday night at 7:30 and Sunday afternoon at 3. Tickets are available at River City Books in Soldotna or the Homer Bookstore.