Hilcorp Plans to Bring Anchor Point Gas Well Online

Shaylon Cochran


     A natural gas well near Anchor Point expected to produce up to ten-million-cubic-feet per day is scheduled to be online by the first of next year.  In a joint-project with Enstar and the Alaska Pipeline Company, Hilcorp will finance the $6.4 million pipeline.

     “Once construction is complete, Enstar will be the owner/operator of the line,” said Hilcorp spokesperson Lori Nelson, adding that the project is on schedule to be completed before the end of the year.

     “This project wasn’t in our original work plan early in the year, but noting the need to hopefully provide a reliable energy source we did put it on an accelerated schedule to bring additional gas supply online for this winter,” Nelson said.

     The well in question was first developed in the 1990’s by Unocal, and has since been sold to Chevron and finally Hilcorp in 2011.  Nelson said there will be new facilities along with the new tie-in.

     “There will be a gas treatment facility that will be unmanned, but it will be monitored from our Happy Valley facility,” she said.  ”

     The ten mile extension will originate from Hilcorp’s Red Pad site, four miles north east of Nikolaevsk.