HEA Fiber Optic Cable Damaged by Gunshot


     A fiber optic line south of Soldotna belonging to Homer Electric Association was damaged earlier this month by a gunshot, although repairs were made quickly and did not disrupt communications. 

     On the morning of October 8th, critical communication services for the Homer Electric Association were briefly interrupted when a fiber optic line near Arc Loop Road south of Soldotna was damaged by a gunshot.

     According to Joe Gallagher, the Public Relations coordinator for HEA, the repairs were completed within two days amidst slight complications due to the location of the wire. 

     "We had to pull approximately a mile of wire due to the location," said Gallagher.

     The repairs took about two days and service was soon restored.

     According to an HEA press release regarding the incident, repairs of the wire are estimated to cost $52,000. Those costs would unfortunately have to be passed on to HEA members.

     Gallagher also said that while the repair of the wire was completed without further incident, the two days in which repairs were ongoing placed both HEA and the communication services the damaged wire provides in a very precarious position.

     Both Gallagher and the HEA press release also urge anyone using firearms to refrain from shooting in the vicinity of either power lines or electrical facilities even from up to several hundred yards, noting the possibility of a stray bullet to ricochet and disrupt services further.

     For more information on the safety polices of the Homer Electric Association and what to do in case of a loss of either power or communications, visit their website at homerelectric.org