EPA Fines Borough For Improper Handling of Waste

Shaylon Cochran

     The Kenai Peninsula Borough has agreed to build a new hazardous waste storage facility. That announcement comes after the Borough was assessed a fine by the Environmental Protection Agency for violating federal waste management rules at the current facility in Soldotna.

     In a press release Friday, the EPA noted the violations identified in a 2009 inspection, which involved a failure to determine if the waste being handled was hazardous and improper labeling of some substances.

     Those included paint thinners, kerosene and a mix of solvent and anti-freeze. The EPA says the improperly labeled containers ranged in size from two-gallons to three-hundred gallons. Part of the Borough’s settlement with the agency is the construction of the new building as a way to mitigate the penalty, which now stands at nearly thirteen-thousand-dollars.

     Officials from the Kenai Peninsula Borough were unavailable for comment in time for this story.