Buoys, Barrels Spill Out of Bunnell

Marcia Lynn
Sculptor Jarod Charzewski built his sculpture with the help of several volunteers.

     The Bunnell Street Arts Center in Homer has a new look thanks to a visiting artist and a group of local volunteers who’ve created a giant sculpture out of commonly found objects. 

     Sculptor Jarod Charzewski, now based out of Charleston, South Carolina conceived of the large buoy sculpture, and had help building it from a crew of local volunteers. He arrived here for a three week stint as the April Old Town Artist in Residence with an open mind. The materials Charzewski used in the installation art piece were new to him but are common around Homer.

     The massive buoy sculpture appears to flow from the gallery, out through the wall, over the front porch and onto the street in front of the building.

     "It has this fluid movement, this fluid feeling ... that came form the ocean," says Michael Walsh, Coordinator of the Bunnell’s Artist in Residence Program.

     Charzewski says his concept is unique, even to him.

     "I do a lot of things that sort of transcend the gallery space in an unconventional way," he said. "But never like this, from the interior to the exterior of the building. I like to think that there are no walls ... that you can just build through without a limit."

     The buoy sculpture has captured a lot of attention, with people pulling off the street to stop and take pictures or being drawn through the buoy archway on the front porch inside the gallery to see more. Asia Freeman, Bunnell Street Arts Center Director, says the piece will likely remain in place through early June.