Apache to Share Seismic Data With State, UAF

Shaylon Cochran


     The University of Alaska Fairbanks, the state Department of Natural Resources and the state division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys will soon be the benefactors of 3-D seismic research performed in Cook Inlet.

     The data come from seismic surveys performed by Apache Corporation over the past two to three years, as they’ve profiled oil and natural gas deposits around the Inlet.  

     In an official announcement of the partnership last week from the UAF Geophysical Institute, state geologist and DGGS director Bob Swenson said-quote-“Data sets like these are much too expensive to be acquired for basic scientific research and we greatly appreciate (the) donation.”

     The technology used by Apache is able to record earthquake activity that is generally undetectable at ground level, and process it in a three-dimensional framework.  Seismologists at UAF plan to use the data to model the geologic structure of the shallow crust and define the border between the North American and Pacific tectonic plates that meet along the Aleutian chain.

     The new research will help assess current activity and potentially identify unmapped fault lines.