Anchor Point Purse Snatcher Nabbed

Aaron Selbig

     An Anchor Point purse snatcher didn’t get very far before being caught by an Alaska State Trooper . According to a Trooper’s report, 51-year-old Kurt Lloyd Falke was arrested after stealing two purses from a church in Anchor Point. 

     Troopers responded to the call shortly after 10 p.m. Sunday, March 6th. Two purses with a small amount of cash and assorted electronics – including a 12-year-old girl’s pink headphones and MP3 player – had been stolen from a church pew while their owners were downstairs.  

     Trooper Matthew Wertanen responded to the scene and got a description of the suspect. Later, when his shift was over, Wertanen spotted a pedestrian wearing a hat that matched the description that he was given. He pulled over to talk to the man and noticed he was wearing a pair of pink headphones. 

     During an interview, Falke allegedly showed Wertanen an MP3 player adorned with a pony and flower stickers. Falke was also in possession of other items stolen from the church. He was arrested and charged with Second Degree Burglary and Third Degree Theft. He was taken to the Homer Jail.

     On the State Trooper’s official Facebook page, Trooper Wertanen said giving the girl back her things was “one of the more rewarding things” he’s been able to do.