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Updated: 23 min 40 sec ago

Kurds 'seize key Kobane district'

Mon, 2015-01-05 20:32
Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State in Kobane, northern Syria, have seized a key district and now control 80% of the town, activists say.

Racism against British Chinese 'ignored'

Mon, 2015-01-05 20:22
British Chinese people and community leaders tell Newsbeat that racism against them isn't taken seriously enough.

US governor sworn in for fourth term

Mon, 2015-01-05 19:56
California Governor Jerry Brown makes history as he is sworn in for a record-breaking fourth term, setting out ambitious targets for climate change.

'Beaten children washed in toilets'

Mon, 2015-01-05 19:51
Former residents of a Birmingham children's home claim of being beaten, made to wash in toilet water and sleep on the floor.

Age of stars is pinned to their spin

Mon, 2015-01-05 18:47
Astronomers prove they can accurately tell a star's age from how fast it spins, after measuring the spin speed of stars more than a billion years old.

Samsung call to open up net of things

Mon, 2015-01-05 17:49
The push to create an "internet of things" will not succeed unless electronics firms collaborate more, warns Samsung.

VIDEO: Why are global oil prices falling?

Mon, 2015-01-05 17:40
The US oil price falls below $50 a barrel for the first time since April 2009 as investors continue to fear a global supply glut and weak demand.

VIDEO: On Board an AirAsia search plane

Mon, 2015-01-05 17:38
The BBC's Kiki Siregar has had exclusive access to a Russian search plane that is looking for AirAsia flight QZ8501.

Nikkei leads Asian markets down

Mon, 2015-01-05 17:23
Asian markets move lower on Monday following investor concerns over falling oil prices and Greece's economic outlook.

Mexico missing: Mayor's wife charged

Mon, 2015-01-05 17:05
The wife of the former mayor of Iguala, the Mexican city where 43 students disappeared, has been charged with organised crime and money laundering.

Sony condemns 'vicious' cyber attack

Mon, 2015-01-05 16:37
Sony has publicly condemned the "vicious" cyber attack that led to it suspending the release of its film The Interview.

Poor 'face higher council tax bills'

Mon, 2015-01-05 16:32
Many local authorities in England are set to demand higher council tax payments from low-income households, the Local Government Association says.

SpaceX to attempt rocket recovery

Mon, 2015-01-05 16:19
California's SpaceX company will take the unusual step of trying to land part of its Falcon rocket after it launches a cargo mission to the space station on Tuesday.

Strong quake hits Christchurch NZ

Mon, 2015-01-05 16:18
Strong aftershocks are felt in New Zealand's South Island after an earthquake measuring 6.0 hits, but cause no damage or injuries.

Berry takes on Cowell at NTA awards

Mon, 2015-01-05 16:15
Mary Berry takes on Simon Cowell at the 20th National Television Awards

Toyota opens up hydrogen patents

Mon, 2015-01-05 16:08
Almost 6,000 patents relating to hydrogen fuel cells owned by Toyota are being made available to anyone to use royalty free.

Managing pain with the power of the mind

Mon, 2015-01-05 16:03
Can you breathe away pain?

Councils face huge road repair bills

Mon, 2015-01-05 16:00
Councils across England are facing bills of up to £100m to complete huge backlogs of road repairs.

The unkillable soldier

Mon, 2015-01-05 16:00
The soldier who fought on after losing an eye and a hand

Common cold 'prefers cold noses'

Mon, 2015-01-05 15:46
The virus behind the common cold is much happier in a cold nose, US researchers show.