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Cosmo and CoverGirl team up on New Year's Eve

Mon, 2014-12-08 11:00

Cosmopolitan magazine has teamed up with one of their biggest advertisers, Cover Girl makeup, to ring in the New Year together.


The two companies agreed to a joint sponsorship of the New Year’s Eve ball at Times Square in New York City. 


The event has lots of marketing potential, according to Jessica L’Esperance, a Vice President of User Experience at Huge Inc. She says experiential advertising is preferable to stagnant, traditional methods. For Cover Girl, the event means people in Times Square will be able to try their products in an environment that they associate with a fun celebration.


"There is no print ad or TV commercial that's really going to help you see it on your own face," says L’Esperance.


From Cosmo’s perspective, getting one of your advertisers like to help foot your marketing bill is a pretty savvy strategy too, according to Cathy McPhillips of the Content Marketing Institute. Cosmo and Cover Girl has very similar audiences and they're not competitors.


But McPhillips says getting into bed with just one advertiser could backfire for Cosmo. They run the risk of losing advertising dollars from some of their other clients. 

Going on a therapeutic shopping spree

Mon, 2014-12-08 09:43

The end of the year means plenty of deadlines, and here's one that maybe you forgot about: spending down all the tax-free money socked away in a healthcare flexible spending account, or FSA.

When that happens, a lot of us go shopping, says Kate Goughary, who manages Modern Eye in West Philadelphia.

Our buzz months are usually in June and December,” she says. June because its the end of many firms’ fiscal years, and December because of FSAs.

I always just say, 'Don't panic,’” she says. “We're here to help, and I have something in this store for every budget and every face.”

People get so worked up because, historically, flexible spending accounts have been use-it-or-lose-it. That changed last fall, and now you can set aside up to $2,550 and roll over as much as $500 to the next year.

So there won't be as much of a rush at the end of the year for employees to spend money on things that they don't really need,” says Bruce Elliott with the Society for Human Resource Management.

The new rule came out so late in 2013 most employers didn't shift their policies, but Elliott expects that to change for 2015.

So if you have dollars left to spend, You can use it for just about any medical, dental or vision expense," Elliott says, "as long as it's not cosmetic and as long as it's therapeutic.”

Quiz: Charter school city

Mon, 2014-12-08 04:43

More than 2.7 million students attend charter schools in 42 states, according to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

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