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In Search Of The Red Cross' $500 Million In Haiti Relief

Wed, 2015-06-03 12:36

An investigation by NPR and ProPublica finds a string of poorly managed projects, questionable spending and dubious claims of success, according to a review of the charity's internal documents.

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More Patients, Not Fewer, Turn To Health Clinics After Obamacare

Wed, 2015-06-03 12:31

Patients are flocking to community health clinics for care. Obamacare advertising brought a lot of people out of the woodwork who wanted health insurance but didn't qualify for it.

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Obama Says China Could Join Already Huge Asia Trade Deal

Wed, 2015-06-03 11:56

If you thought the Trans-Pacific Partnership was big already — and it is. It could get even bigger, President Obama told Kai Ryssdal of "Marketplace" from American Public Media.

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Senate Panel Says Obama Administration Lacks Watchdogs

Wed, 2015-06-03 11:50

Seven of the 33 inspector general posts in the Obama administration are being filled by temporary appointees, according to the panel. Permanent IGs have been nominated for just three of the vacancies.

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Drinking Too Much? One-Third Of Americans Say Yes

Wed, 2015-06-03 11:47

Lots of people say they're having trouble with alcohol. Native Americans and young, college-educated white men are most apt to be at risk. And most people don't get any help cutting back.

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Nestlé India In Hot Water Over Reports Of Excess Lead In Noodle Soup

Wed, 2015-06-03 11:44

Sales of the popular instant soup, sold under the brand Maggi, have plunged since the food safety dispute erupted in India.

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Chimps Are No Chumps: Give Them An Oven, They'll Learn To Cook

Wed, 2015-06-03 10:14

That's what researchers found when they gave chimps a device that appeared to work like an oven. The findings add to the argument that our ancestors began cooking soon after learning to control fire.

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Avian Flu Outbreak Has U.S. Bakers Begging For Europe's Eggs

Wed, 2015-06-03 09:50

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said it will allow pasteurized egg imports from the Netherlands to alleviate dwindling supplies and higher prices from the ongoing outbreak on U.S. poultry farms.

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Surgery Doesn't Help Women With Early-Stage Breast Carcinoma

Wed, 2015-06-03 08:21

Only women with more advanced cases of ductal carcinoma in situ benefited from surgery, a study found. Most women do have surgery for DCIS, although it's a controversial diagnosis.

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Police Officer Should Have Refused $2.7M Bequest, Review Panel Says

Wed, 2015-06-03 07:24

The story has caused outrage in Portsmouth, N.H., where residents have complained that the case sets a dangerous precedent and sends a troubling message about police priorities.

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A New U.N. Health Goal Targets Folks 69 And Under. Ageism Or Realism?

Wed, 2015-06-03 06:22

A proposal calls for countries to reduce the death rate among 50-to-69-year-olds from diseases like cancer and stroke. So are 70-year-olds out of luck?

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Sen. Menendez's Corruption Trial Hasn't Begun, But Legal Sparring Has

Wed, 2015-06-03 06:00

The Justice Department indicted the New Jersey Democrat just two months ago on bribery and conspiracy charges. But lawyers in the case already seem to be getting under each other's skin.

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FIFA Updates: Interpol Targets Officials, And S. Africa Denies Bribing

Wed, 2015-06-03 04:52

"Red notices" name two former senior FIFA official and several executives who were indicted by the U.S. And South Africa denies that it issued $10 million in bribes over the 2010 World Cup.

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5 Things You Should Know About Lincoln Chafee

Wed, 2015-06-03 03:37

In 2002, Lincoln Chafee was the only Republican senator to vote against authorizing the use of force to oust Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Some Republican colleagues referred to him as "the missing Linc."

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More Than 400 Missing In Chinese Boat Disaster; Government Orders Censorship

Wed, 2015-06-03 03:17

Of the more than 450 people who were aboard the Eastern Star when it capsized in rough weather Monday night, only 14 have reportedly been rescued.

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Americans Think Money In Politics Is A Problem, But Just How Big?

Wed, 2015-06-03 02:03

A new poll shows Americans think the rich have too much influence and that the political money system needs an overhaul, but they rate it low on the priority list.

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Classes Canceled, 1,300 Quarantined In S. Korea's Scramble To Stop MERS

Wed, 2015-06-03 01:00

Additional confirmed cases of the Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, have led to more than 200 school closures and a minor public panic in South Korea.

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Why Jeb Bush Can't Bank On Faith Like His Brother Did

Wed, 2015-06-03 01:00

Bush, who is likely running for president, is a firm Catholic. But that might not be enough for evangelical Christians in Iowa who see him as moderate and are looking elsewhere.

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Free Online Test-Prep For The SAT

Wed, 2015-06-03 00:58

The College Board has announced a unique partnership with Khan Academy to make prep materials for the SAT college-entrance exam available.

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Most Commuter Rails Won't Meet Deadline For Mandated Safety Systems

Tue, 2015-06-02 23:48

Most commuter trains are several years away from implementing Positive Train Control system to prevent derailment. With Americans taking 490 million commuter rail trips last year, the stakes are high.

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