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Me-Tea-Morphosis: Tea Bags Get Second Life As Works Of Art

Tue, 2015-07-28 10:49

Artists are reinventing the humble tea bag, letting its contents and simple shape and color shine in beautiful, fragile art. Some are even farming out the tea drinking to get to the used bags.

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NFL's Goodell Confirms Tom Brady's 4-Game Suspension

Tue, 2015-07-28 10:44

Until June, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady did not acknowledge to investigators that he had destroyed his cellphone, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says.

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Beyond Brothels: Farms And Fisheries Are Frontier Of Human Trafficking

Tue, 2015-07-28 10:19

The State Department's annual human trafficking report this year gives special attention to slavery in agriculture and fishing. Human rights advocates say there's much work to be done to fight it.

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Political Campaigns Go Social, But Email Is Still King

Tue, 2015-07-28 10:16

Campaigns are Periscoping, Tweeting, Facebooking, Snapchatting and Instagramming. But campaigns and strategists say the biggest bang comes from new ways of using the ol' email list.

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As Twitter Flirts With Hearts, Will You Miss The Stars?

Tue, 2015-07-28 09:53

A different Twitter greeted some users when they logged on Tuesday as the social media company tries to win more hearts — and users.

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Arizona Cardinals Hire Female Coach For Training Camp And Preseason

Tue, 2015-07-28 09:00

"I am honored to be a part of this amazing team," says Jen Welter, an athlete and sports psychologist.

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Look Out Pelley, Muir And Holt. Rapping Reporters Could Give You A Jolt

Tue, 2015-07-28 08:43

Uganda is bringing young eyeballs to the evening news with a team of rappers who inform and amuse.

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Bones In Church Ruins Likely The Remains Of Early Jamestown's Elite

Tue, 2015-07-28 08:19

Scientists say remains of four men exhumed from what was once an Anglican church suggest they were well-nourished, "high-status" leaders in the early 17th century colony. And one was likely Catholic.

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Donald Trump's Flipping Political Donations

Tue, 2015-07-28 08:16

The man making a strong showing for the GOP presidential nomination also has a remarkably inconsistent track record as a conservative.

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Giant Panda Jia Jia Celebrates 37th Birthday And 2 Guinness World Records

Tue, 2015-07-28 07:37

Jia Jia, who lives at a Hong Kong amusement park, became the oldest panda ever living in captivity and the oldest panda currently living in captivity. In human terms, Jia Jia would be more than 100.

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Former N.Y. Prison Employee Enters Guilty Plea Related To Inmates' Escape

Tue, 2015-07-28 07:14

Joyce Mitchell, the Clinton Correctional Facility worker who was charged last month with aiding two convicted killers' escape, has reached a deal with prosecutors.

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Happy 50th Birthday, Medicare. Your Patients Are Getting Healthier

Tue, 2015-07-28 07:01

The past 15 years have seen a drop in deaths and hospitalizations among Medicare patients — people 65 and older. Teasing out why is tricky, but it seems a good trend for the 50-year-old program.

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Twitter Takes Down Unoriginal Jokes, But All Of Yours Are Probably Safe

Tue, 2015-07-28 06:32

A freelance writer got the company to take down several unauthorized uses of her humor by what she says are robot accounts, but legal scholars say proving copyright on jokes is difficult.

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Obama Asks African Countries To Create Jobs, Foster Democracy

Tue, 2015-07-28 06:02

President Obama was the first sitting American president to address the African Union. The speech capped a five-day trip to Kenya and Ethiopia.

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NATO Says It Stands With Turkey In Fight Against ISIS

Tue, 2015-07-28 04:22

After it began an air campaign against the so-called Islamic State, Turkey called a meeting of the 27 allies to raise the possibility of a need for NATO involvement.

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Rehab Before Cancer Treatment Can Help Patients Bounce Back

Tue, 2015-07-28 04:05

Cancer patients who get what some people are calling prehabilitation can recover more quickly, early research suggests. Getting insurance to cover it can be tricky, though.

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Drawing A Line From The Chinese Stock Market To Your Wallet

Tue, 2015-07-28 04:03

U.S. commodities — copper, corn, coal and more — are cheaper because of China's economic cooling. Producers got caught up in China's "teaser" demand for more of everything. It couldn't last.

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In Libya, Gadhafi's Son, Saif Al-Islam, Is Sentenced To Death In Absentia

Tue, 2015-07-28 03:02

The sentence was handed down in connection to killings during the 2011 uprising that overthrew his father Moammar Gadhafi. Saif Al-Islam, however, is being held by a militia in the west.

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The Struggle To Breathe Life Back Into Empty Schools

Tue, 2015-07-28 01:06

As urban schools across the country continue to lose students, the question districts like St. Louis face is: What to do with all of those empty buildings?

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Squeezed By Drought, California Farmers Switch To Less Thirsty Crops

Tue, 2015-07-28 01:05

Water scarcity is leading farmers away from planting staples and towards planting higher-value, lower-water specialty crops. Think wine grapes and pomegranates instead of citrus and avocados.

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