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Updated: 28 min 46 sec ago

The White House Is Backing Strong Open Internet Rules

Mon, 2014-11-10 06:08

President Obama is calling on rule-makers to reclassify broadband as a public utility. It would give the FCC much broader authority to stop "fast lanes" and "slow lanes" to the Internet.

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Two Striking Photos From Today's APEC Meetings

Mon, 2014-11-10 05:12

The forum's first day has already brought us interesting images. In one, the leaders of China and Japan reflect their countries' unease; in another, world leaders dress alike.

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In China, Obama Touts Visa Deal, Progress On Free-Trade Pact

Mon, 2014-11-10 04:11

Under a new agreement, the U.S. and China will extend visas from the current one-year term to 5 and 10 years. President Obama is in China for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

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Bombing At Nigerian High School Kills Dozens

Mon, 2014-11-10 02:49

As many as 48 students reportedly died in the attack came during a morning assembly Monday. It's being blamed on the insurgent group Boko Haram.

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Will Jeb Bush Run For President? His Brother Says Maybe

Mon, 2014-11-10 02:23

George W. Bush says there's a good chance his brother will run for president in 2016. And he also thinks his family name shouldn't hold Jeb back if he does.

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Ebola Today Could Mean Illiteracy Tomorrow In West Africa

Sun, 2014-11-09 23:06

Millions of children aren't going to school because of Ebola. The fear is that some kids will never return to class. For others, the time off means putting their career dreams on hold.

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If Literature's Great Characters Could Text, They'd Charm Your Pantalets Off

Sun, 2014-11-09 23:05

Texts from Jane Eyre imagines a Mr. Rochester who worries over his "attic wife" and a super flirty Scarlett O'Hara: "did you know that pantalets are out this year[?] that's why I'm not wearing any :)"

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Want To Grow These Apples? You'll Have To Join The Club

Sun, 2014-11-09 23:04

New brands are reshaping the apple aisle of supermarkets. Many are "club apples" --varieties that are controlled and managed by select groups of farmers..

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Combining The DNA Of Three People Raises Ethical Questions

Sun, 2014-11-09 23:03

Scientists in England are ready to do something that's never been done before — combine the DNA of two women and one man to create embryos that don't carry hereditary mitochondrial disorders.

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Whether Green With Envy Or Tickled Pink: We Live In A Color-Coded World

Sun, 2014-11-09 23:02

Red means stop; green means go. You live in a red state or a blue state. Elizabeth Blair kicks off NPR's color series with a look at the way color organizes our lives — in ways we don't even realize.

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Low Gas Prices Haven't Slowed Domestic Drilling — Yet

Sun, 2014-11-09 12:53

With gas prices plunging below $3 a gallon, motorists have plenty to celebrate. But people in oil-producing states, where low prices mean fewer jobs and less government revenue, are starting to worry.

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Friend's Visit To Veteran's Normandy Grave Gives Family Closure

Sun, 2014-11-09 12:53

Eugene Vigosky is one of thousands of Americans killed in World War II buried at the American Cemetery in Normandy. Reporter Tim Lambert, a friend of the Vigoskys, visited the grave site.

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Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Reaches Labor Deal With Musicians

Sun, 2014-11-09 11:32

The Grammy award-winning ensemble will open the first concert of its 70th anniversary season with Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, the "Ode to Joy."

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