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SEC Rule Would Link Executive Pay To Performance

Wed, 2015-04-29 13:33

The rule, which grew out of the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul bill, would make it easier for shareholders to see whether salaries are in line with a company's financial performance.

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Japan's Abe Pushes The Pacific Trade Deal Onto Center Stage

Wed, 2015-04-29 13:01

The Japanese prime minister used his time in the spotlight in Washington to promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership, saying it would create both prosperity and peace. Democrats remain skeptical.

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When You Make Kids' Meals Healthier By Default, They Still Eat 'Em Up

Wed, 2015-04-29 12:29

When a restaurant chain revamped its kids' menu, making items like strawberries and salad the default sides instead of fries, it improved the healthfulness of meals ordered — by a lot, a study finds.

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Ohio Kidnapping Survivors Recount Captivity, Escape From Horror

Wed, 2015-04-29 11:34

In 2013, three young women who had vanished years earlier escaped from a house where they had been held captive. Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, along with writer Mary Jordan, discuss their new memoir.

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Why Not Start Addiction Treatment Right In The ER?

Wed, 2015-04-29 11:33

Like asthma or diabetes, opioid addiction is a chronic condition. Could treatment that begins when people show up in the ER get them on the right road faster?

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Report: FBI Vetted Middleman In Ransom Payment For U.S. Hostage

Wed, 2015-04-29 11:33

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the family of Warren Weinstein paid $250,000 to his captors after the FBI helped facilitate the payment. Weinstein was killed in a U.S. operation in January.

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In Baltimore, A Different Historic Moment: A Fan-less Baseball Game

Wed, 2015-04-29 11:28

Because of the unrest that has rocked the city, Major League Baseball decided to close the game to fans. So players came on the field to no cheers, and a home run was marked by the crack of a bat.

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Japan's Prime Minister Makes Historic Address To Congress

Wed, 2015-04-29 10:49

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe laid out his vision of increasing ties with the U.S., and expressed his remorse over Japan's wartime atrocities.

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Welcome To The Neighborhood: 2 Super-Earths Discovered

Wed, 2015-04-29 10:29

Astronomers using telescopes in Hawaii and California have found two exoplanets orbiting a star a mere 54 light years away. The discovery is important for two big reasons.

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Pope Francis Calls Gender Pay Gap A 'Pure Scandal'

Wed, 2015-04-29 10:00

NPR'S Sylvia Poggioli reports that Francis' remarks, at his weekly general audience in St. Peter's Square, are some of his most forceful statements yet in favor of women.

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2016 Race Collides With Baltimore Unrest

Wed, 2015-04-29 09:53

Hillary Clinton told an audience in New York the criminal justice system is "out of balance" and Rand Paul attributed the violence to "the lack of a sort of moral code in our society."

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These Parents Make Lovely Lunch Bag Art. Not Everyone Is Pleased

Wed, 2015-04-29 09:18

Elaborately illustrated napkins. Famous paintings recreated using food. Depending on your viewpoint, these lunch projects are an expression of parental love or another salvo in the parenting wars.

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Game Of Thrones: Saudi King Shakes Up Line Of Succession

Wed, 2015-04-29 09:05

King Salman has named a new heir — and consolidated power in the hands of a younger generation.

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Nepal, Before The Earthquake Struck: A Photographer's Portfolio

Wed, 2015-04-29 08:28

Kevin Bubriski came as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1975, camera in hand, and has taken photos of daily life for 40 years: monks, haircuts, schoolgirls in a village that was at the quake's epicenter.

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How One West Baltimore Principal Is Helping Her Students Make Sense Of It All

Wed, 2015-04-29 07:27

Code Switch reporter Shereen Marisol Meraji is spending the day with a Baltimore principal who's charged with a huge task today. We'll be updating the post as the day unfolds.

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Calvin Peete, Pro Golf's 'Mr. Accuracy,' Dies At Age 71

Wed, 2015-04-29 07:21

Peete, who won 12 PGA events during a long career as a professional golfer, has died at age 71. For many years, he was the most successful black golfer in the world.

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Lumber Liquidators Says Justice Department Seeks Criminal Charges Over Imports

Wed, 2015-04-29 07:12

The revelation, which came today in a regulatory filing, comes after a 60 Minutes report last month that said the company's products have unsafe levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

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Will Slower U.S. Economy Make Fed Wait To Raise Rates?

Wed, 2015-04-29 07:08

The economy posted its weakest performance in a year, growing at a 0.2 percent pace in the first quarter. Analysts say that could affect the central bank's timetable for boosting rates.

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Watch: The Same-Sex-Marriage Arguments In 4 Minutes

Wed, 2015-04-29 06:50

Want to catch up on the same-sex-marriage arguments before the Supreme Court? NPR's Nina Totenberg and Tom Goldstein of SCOTUS Blog are here to help.

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Bud Light Pulls Label With Message That Sparked Backlash

Wed, 2015-04-29 06:47

Bud Light was touted as "the perfect beer for removing 'no' from your vocabulary." But that's precisely the word that occurred to many people who saw it.

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