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New Tesla Breaks Consumer Reports' Ratings Scale, Bolsters Company's Stock

Thu, 2015-08-27 16:37

"It kind of broke the system," says Jake Fisher, director of the magazine's auto test division. Tesla's stock rose 8 percent Thursday.

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North Dakota Legalizes Armed Police Drones

Thu, 2015-08-27 15:16

Law enforcement agencies in North Dakota are now allowed to operate drones armed with "less than lethal" weapons.

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Democratic Group Fires A Warning Shot With Immigration Attack Ad

Thu, 2015-08-27 14:22

SuperPAC Priorities USA Action released a digital ad blasting Republican candidates for their heated rhetoric on immigration. It's a small campaign for now, but sends a clear message.

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Obama: Katrina A 'Man-Made' Disaster Caused By Government Failure

Thu, 2015-08-27 13:14

The president said that what started out as a natural disaster became something much worse when government didn't "look out for its own citizens."

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Nation's Only All-Women MBA Program To Close

Thu, 2015-08-27 13:03

Simmons College in Boston has announced it will transition its brick-and-mortar program to an online-only degree.

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Froggy Went A-Courtin', But Lady Frogs Chose Second-Best Guy Instead

Thu, 2015-08-27 13:01

Given two choices of attractive mates, female frogs pick the top vocalist. But add a third, inferior male to the mix, and females go for No. 2. The "decoy effect" shapes some human choices, too.

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Boeing Case Is Latest Targeting 401(k) Plans With Excessive Fees

Thu, 2015-08-27 12:38

The aerospace giant is moving to settle a suit accusing it of mishandling its plan. The case is part of a legal assault by an attorney to stop firms from offering workers high-cost retirement plans.

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Darryl Dawkins, The NBA's 'Chocolate Thunder,' Has Died

Thu, 2015-08-27 12:29

Dawkins played 13 seasons in the NBA after being drafted out of high school by the Philadelphia 76ers. At 6 feet, 11 inches and more than 250 pounds, he broke two glass backboards in one month.

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National Portrait Gallery Won't Remove Bust Of Planned Parenthood Founder

Thu, 2015-08-27 12:23

Conservative groups want the gallery to take down the bust of Margaret Sanger, who they say was racist because of her support for eugenics.

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Tropical Storm Erika Causes Massive Flooding, Landslides In Caribbean

Thu, 2015-08-27 12:09

There were scenes of fast-moving water in the streets on the island of Dominica after the storm dumped 9 inches of rain in a few hours. It could hit Florida as a Category 1 hurricane next week.

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Can You Use That In A Sentence?: Dictionary Adds New Words

Thu, 2015-08-27 12:08

The Oxford English Dictionary was updated with a number of new words today, so, naturally, we held a contest to see who could use the most in a single sentence.

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His Drum Talked And Everyone Listened: Remembering A 'Human Treasure'

Thu, 2015-08-27 11:27

Senegalese percussionist Doudou N'Diaye Rose has died at age 85. He mastered his local drum language and brought it to the world, creating rhythms for the likes of Miles Davis and the Rolling Stones.

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A Man Shed Live Polio Virus In His Stool For 28 Years

Thu, 2015-08-27 10:58

That's the longest span for one individual to excrete the live virus in history. It's not the norm, that's for certain. But how much of a concern is it in the war to wipe out polio?

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Swept Up In The Storm: Hurricane Katrina's Key Players, Then And Now

Thu, 2015-08-27 10:46

The natural disaster of Katrina and the man-made tragedy that followed catapulted local figures and obscure federal officials into the spotlight.

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FDA Warns Tobacco Companies Advertising 'Natural' Cigarettes

Thu, 2015-08-27 10:20

Unless a cigarette is safer than others it can't be labeled "natural" or "additive-free", the Food and Drug Administration told three manufacturers.

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Hispanic Or Latino? A Guide For The U.S. Presidential Campaign

Thu, 2015-08-27 10:18

Donald Trump has put immigration front and center in his campaign. This has placed renewed focus on the confusing question of how to refer to people from Latin America, including those now in the U.S.

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Help Wanted: Last Pediatrician On Mendocino Coast Retires

Thu, 2015-08-27 09:23

For 35 years, Dr. Bill Mahon has tended newborns and broken bones, given kids checkups and spinal taps. But luring new doctors with big debt and urban dreams to the redwoods is harder than it sounds.

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Usain Bolt Is Knocked Over By Segway-Riding Cameraman After Winning Gold

Thu, 2015-08-27 09:22

The incident happened at the World Athletics Championships, where a highly anticipated match-up had pitted the Jamaican against America's Justin Gatlin.

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Planned Parenthood Fights Back

Thu, 2015-08-27 09:08

In a new report sent to Congress, the organization says controversial videos alleging the sale of fetal tissue are "heavily edited" to "significantly distort" actual events and conversations.

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Kentucky Clerk's Office Continues To Refuse Marriage Licenses

Thu, 2015-08-27 08:40

A same-sex couple was denied a license Thursday morning, even after a federal appeals court denied Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis' bid to refuse to issue marriage licenses for religious reasons.

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