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Theatre head questions arts funding

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 21:18
A theatre manager in Belfast questions why the arts in Northern Ireland receives less funding than other parts of the UK.

Diabetic children hospital warning

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 21:16
Action to reduce the number of children with type 1 diabetes from being admitted to hospital is needed as cases continue to rise, experts warn.

VIDEO: Alan Turing manuscript sells for $1m

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 20:41
A scientific notebook compiled by World War Two codebreaker Alan Turing sells for $1m in New York.

UN to vote on Yemen rebel sanctions

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 20:33
The UN Security Council is to vote later on a resolution imposing an arms embargo on Yemen's Houthi rebels and their allies.

'Altercation' sparks murder inquiry

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 20:27
Police in Essex launch a murder inquiry after a man dies and two others are injured, one seriously, in an "altercation" in Clacton.

Phishing hits victims 'in minutes'

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 20:23
Phishing emails ensnare their first victim within 82 seconds of the attack messages being sent, suggests a report.

VIDEO: US guards jailed for Iraq deaths

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 19:12
Four former Blackwater guards are jailed over the killing of 14 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad in 2007.

Nigeria girls remembered one year on

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 19:08
Ceremonies are being staged to mark one year since more than 200 girls were abducted in Nigeria by militant Islamists Boko Haram.

Transcript: NPR's Full Interview With Sen. Marco Rubio

NPR News - Mon, 2015-04-13 19:03

Rubio spoke to NPR about his run for president, Indiana's religious freedom law, the president's deal with Iran and immigration.

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VIDEO: Hong Kong targets Chinese visitors

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 17:54
What will new visa restrictions on mainland Chinese visitors mean for Hong Kong's economy?

Deal to extend Ukraine arms pullback

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 17:48
Russia and Ukraine agree to call for the withdrawal of more types of weapons in Ukraine's east, amid fresh fears for the truce.

Oklahoma officer charged over death

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 17:44
A white police officer is charged with manslaughter after shooting a black man when apparently mistaking his gun for his Taser.

Asia shares down on Wall Street lead

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 17:00
Asian markets headed lower on Tuesday, following the losses on Wall Street ahead of US first quarter corporate results.

Is there really such a thing as 'the women's vote'?

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 16:45
Is there really such a thing as 'the women's vote'?

Marco Rubio dreams of a Hillary - and Jeb - knockout

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 16:45
Launching his 2016 White House run, Republican Senator Marco Rubio says he's the embodiment of the American Dream and takes aim at leaders he says represent the past.

Kazakh pair in Austria murder trial

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 16:41
Two Kazakhs are due to appear in court in Austria in one of the country's most unusual murder trials, after the main suspect died in jail.

Breath test for stomach cancer risk

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 16:40
A simple breath test could help predict whether people with gut problems are at high risk of developing stomach cancer, a small study suggests.

Nuclear tensions in South Asia

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 16:08
South Asia has been witnessing an escalation in military and nuclear rivalry, somewhat overshadowed by the understandable fears of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

Greens pledging to 'take back' NHS

BBC - Mon, 2015-04-13 15:56
The Green Party launches its general election manifesto with a call to "take back" the NHS and a proposed 60% rate of income tax.

Airplane Makes Emergency Landing After Worker Trapped in Cargo Hold

NPR News - Mon, 2015-04-13 15:56

Alaska Airlines Flight 448 returned to Seattle, after the pilot heard "banging from beneath the aircraft." It turned out that a ramp agent had fallen asleep in the cargo hold.

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