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Lib Dem Ashdown slaps down Farron

BBC - Sun, 2015-03-15 04:45
Lord Ashdown says Tim Farron - one of the frontrunners to be a future Lib Dem leader - lacks judgement.

VIDEO: 'Mouth of hell' reduced to rubble

BBC - Sun, 2015-03-15 04:31
The Greyfairs bus station in Northampton has been reduced to rubble after more than 2,000 explosives were used to collapse the Brutalist building.

Cosby accuser seeks change in law

BBC - Sun, 2015-03-15 04:28
A woman who says comedian Bill Cosby assaulted her asks Nevada's lawmakers to remove the statute of limitations on reporting sexual assault.

Balls refuses to rule out SNP deal

BBC - Sun, 2015-03-15 04:27
Labour's Ed Balls and Chancellor George Osborne both refuse to rule out post-election deals with the SNP and UKIP respectively - but dismiss the ideas as "nonsense".

Crimea leader projects calm on anniversary

BBC - Sun, 2015-03-15 04:05
Crimea seems to have accepted its annexation by Russia, reports the BBC's John Simpson in Simferopol, one year on from the takeover.

VIDEO: 'Crimea has returned to its homeland'

BBC - Sun, 2015-03-15 04:04
Crimea's Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov has said the region will never again be part of Ukraine as it had "returned to its historical homeland".

Portugal Beckons With Back Alleys And Boarded-Up Businesses

NPR News - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:52

Forget cathedrals and wine houses. A new guided tour takes visitors to Portugal's slums to see the effects of Europe's economic crisis. This story originally aired March 10 on Morning Edition.

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When There's Art On The Bus, You'll Get To Your Stop Sooner

NPR News - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:52

A decade ago Kenya banned the practice of covering minibuses — called matatus — with wild images. The concern: window blockage. Now the art is making a comeback, and powerful bus owners are behind it.

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Isaac Herzog Is Netanyahu's Surprise Challenger In Israel

NPR News - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:52

Isaac Herzog doesn't have the macho profile of recent Israeli prime ministers. But Ari Shavit of Haaretz tells NPR's Rachel Martin that he's emerging as a frontrunner to unseat Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Netanyahu Maintains Focus On Iran As His Voter Support Falls

NPR News - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:52

Israel's parliamentary election is Tuesday, and so far, the race is too close to call. It's turned into a referendum on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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From Afghanistan's Rubble, A Teacher Builds A School Of Ideas

NPR News - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:52

Amid the obstructionism and violence of Afghanistan, Aziz Royesh has set up a school in Kabul that has won worldwide acclaim.

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In Iraq, The Final Battle For Tikrit Is Likely To Be The Hardest

NPR News - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:52

The offensive against ISIS in Tikrit is being eyed by Iraq's various factions — including some the U.S. hopes will help take on ISIS elsewhere. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Deborah Amos in Iraq.

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SA cabinet minister killed in crash

BBC - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:47
A South African cabinet minister, Collins Chabane, and two security staff are killed in a car crash - with President Zuma saying it is a "huge loss".

Elton John calls for fashion boycott

BBC - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:26
Sir Elton John wants a boycott of fashion brand Dolce and Gabbana after the pair called children born through IVF "synthetic".

Ireland out as Pakistan go through

BBC - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:24
Ireland are knocked out of the World Cup by Pakistan, who qualify for the quarter-finals with a seven-wicket win.

Balls challenges Osborne to debate

BBC - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:21
Shadow chancellor Ed Balls challenges George Osborne to a debate and gets him to shake on it, on the Andrew Marr show.

Rebus returns after sabbatical

BBC - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:21
Detective John Rebus will return in his 20th novel this October, after author Ian Rankin took a year-long sabbatical.

Daley fails to qualify with new dive

BBC - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:14
Britain's Tom Daley fails to qualify for the 10m platform final at the season-opening Diving World Series event in Beijing.

Teenage girl raped in Dunfermline

BBC - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:04
Police appeal for information after a serious sexual assault on a teenage girl in the Halbeath area of Dunfermline.

How Far Has The Health Of Moms Come Since 1995?

NPR News - Sun, 2015-03-15 03:03

The rate of women worldwide who die in childbirth has dropped by more than 40 percent over the past two decades. But does this rosy global health statistic overstate the extent of change?

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