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Game of Thrones' factual fantasy

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 19:00
Games of Thrones' real-world parallels

The friends who sign up for jihad

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 18:48
The clusters of friends being drawn to jihad in Syria and Iraq

What to expect when you're electing

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 18:47
What to expect when you're electing

Dickens' desk saved for public view

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 18:37
The desk where Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations is finally on public display thanks to a £780,000 grant.

Death threats against BBC boss probed

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 18:18
Police investigate alleged death threats against BBC director general Tony Hall, reportedly made after Jeremy Clarkson was dropped from Top Gear.

VIDEO: Islamist rebels in Syria 'capture Idlib'

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 17:55
Rebel fighters in Syria are reported to have captured most of the northern city of Idlib, as Alan Johnston reports

Retailers call for review of rates

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 17:51
Scottish retailers call for a "fundamental review" of business rates, ahead of a 2% rise which is due to come into effect on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Global sites go dark for Earth Hour

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:56
Landmarks across the globe have been switching off their lights as part of WWF's Earth Hour, as Alice Baxter reports

Jobseekers perks in Scotrail deal

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:51
The new ScotRail franchise will offer free rail travel to interviews for jobseekers, amongst other passenger benefits announced.

Europol chief warns on encryption

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:38
A European police chief says encrypted online communications are the biggest problem faced by security agencies tackling terrorism.

The Bolivian women who knit parts for hearts

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:30
The Bolivian women knitting a high-tech medical device

Meningitis B vaccine deal agreed

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:28
An agreement is reached with the drug manufacturer GSK to provide a vaccine for meningitis B for all babies in the UK, the health secretary says.

VIDEO: Trends of the week - in 60 seconds

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:24
Trends of the week in 60 seconds

Fears of Alps crash co-pilot

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:18
Some papers once again focus on revelations about the Germanwings co-pilot who is believed to have brought down an airliner over the French Alps on Tuesday.

Immigrants drawn back to California

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:17
Yearning for San Francisco from Mexico's Yucatan

VIDEO: Life-saving knitters

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:16
An army of Bolivian knitters is helping to save children with a hole in the heart.

VIDEO: Monitoring a ceasefire in Ukraine

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:15
International observers are in Ukraine to observe a ceasefire, but they say they do not have access to all border crossings.

Bale-inspired Wales look the real deal

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:11
Tactically astute, brilliant from Bale - why Wales' win in Israel is one of their best results of recent times.

The man admired by presidents and warlords

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:10
The name admired by presidents and warlords

Six seconds that shaped 1,500 songs

BBC - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:07
The six second solo that's been copied in 1,500 songs