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Illinois faces sudden drop in state tax

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2015-01-02 02:00

The new year brings profound budget challenges for the state of Illinois, which has the worst credit rating of any state in the U.S. and is dealing with the expiration of temporary tax increases.

Illlinois also has a divided government: a newly-elected Republican governor Bruce Rauner who campaigned against making the state's temporary income tax increase permanent, an unfunded pension liabilities of about $100 billion (or possibly more), and a solidly Democratic state legislature.

The state has a flat income tax. Everyone pays the same rate regardless of income. Lawmakers had hiked that rate in 2011 from 3.75 percent to 5 percent to deal with the effects of the recession, promising that the hike would be temporary and would expire in 2015. But they spent the money on the state's pension obligations instead of helping local municipalities deal with the recession, says Laurence Msall of the Chicago Civic Federation, a non-partisan budget watchdog group.

"There has been a willingness to ignore longterm financial repurcussions of short-term politically-attractive answers," says Msall, whose group earlier in 2014 had proposed fixing the state's budget woes by gradually reducing the income tax rate down to 4 percent while also consolidating various branches of state government to cut spending.

Msall's organization also proposed taxing retiree income, at least to some extent. Illinois is one of only three states — out of 41 that impose income taxes — that doesn't tax pension income, the Chicago Civic Federation said in a report.

Instead, before Rauner's election, Illinois' Democratic Governor Pat Quinn proposed making the temporary tax hike permanent — a plan Msall says would not have solved all of the state's fiscal woes anyway.

Rauner ran a successful campaign that criticized Quinn's proposal. And now, the Democratic-controlled legislature is waiting on the new governor to propose how to close the budget gap while accounting for about $2 billion in tax revenues that will disappear in the current fiscal year, and another $4 billion revenue reduction in the fiscal year starting in June 2015.

"There is no plan right now," says Msall. "The budget that they've passed is going to run up the unpaid bills ... The state is borrowing from its own resources and it's relying on accounting gimmicks"

Richard Kaplan, an expert in tax law at the University of Illinois, says there are other revenue sources the state could draw upon outside of the state income tax.

"There are a variety of these excise taxes on gasoline, telephone service, alcohol and tobacco products," says Kaplan, who adds that the state could also expand its sales tax to apply not only to goods purchased but also services such as hair cuts, medical care and others.

If such taxes are enacted, it could mean Illinois tax payers who see additional money in their paychecks now, may soon end up paying higher prices for daily expenses in the near future.

Young 'vulnerable to bank scams'

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Italian authorities say they have taken control of a ship carrying 450 migrants that was abandoned by its crew off the coast of Italy.

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Plane in emergency landing after fire

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A plane with 28 passengers on board makes an emergency landing at Southend Airport after one of its engines caught fire.

Plane 'blown off' airport runway

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Two passengers suffer minor injuries after a plane came off the runway at Stornoway Airport on the Isle of Lewis.

Robbery charge after homeowner death

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A man is charged with the robbery of a retired caretaker who died after a break-in at his home on Christmas Day.

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Tony O'Shea will put the whitewashes and injuries of 2014 behind him as he seeks an elusive first BDO world darts title.

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In the television series Wanted Down Under, Nicki Chapman follows British families who are considering emigrating and gives them a taste of life abroad.

UK manufacturing growth 'slows'

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Manufacturing activity in the UK hit a three-month low in December, a survey suggests.

Gambia seeks 'foreign' attackers

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Soldiers loyal to Gambian President Yahya Jammeh are searching house-to-house for opponents after a recent reported coup attempt, sources say.

Scarlets' Ball signs dual contract

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Wales and Scarlets lock Jake Ball is the sixth player to sign a national dual contract with his region and the Welsh Rugby Union.

Ukraine nationalists march in Kiev

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Thousands of Ukrainian nationalists march by torchlight through Kiev to honour World War Two anti-Soviet leader Stepan Bandera.

Gilmore Girls star Herrmann dies

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Actor Edward Herrmann, who starred in The Lost Boys and Gilmore Girls, dies after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

VIDEO: Walking the length of the Nile

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Levison Wood is the first person to walk the length of the River Nile. On the nine month journey, the former soldier faced wildlife, armed robbers and arrest.

Bono guitar fears after bike crash

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U2 frontman Bono says he fears that he may never play guitar again following a bike accident last year.

Gerrard confirms Liverpool departure

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Departing Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard calls his decision to leave the club "the toughest" of his life.

Gloucester deal for England's Morgan

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England number eight Ben Morgan signs a new contract with Premiership club Gloucester.

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A new generation of musicians in Afghanistan is reviving the country's cultural traditions after years of living in a country where music was banned by the Taliban.