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Russian Incursion Continues In Ukraine

NPR News - Sat, 2014-08-30 03:30

Ukrainian forces are defending the port city of Novoazovsk from what they say is a Russian invasion. Scott Simon talks to correspondent Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson.

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China warns of Hong Kong 'meddling'

BBC - Sat, 2014-08-30 02:35
China warns foreign countries against "meddling" in Hong Kong's politics ahead of a crucial announcement on the territory's election process.

VIDEO: Peter Kay lights up Blackpool

BBC - Sat, 2014-08-30 01:32
Comedian Peter Kay hosted the big switch-on of the Blackpool Illuminations

AUDIO: Should you recline your plane seat?

BBC - Sat, 2014-08-30 01:11
The use of gadgets to prevent passengers putting their seat back has lead to mid-air arguments, should airlines allow them to go back at all?

VIDEO: Jews 'forced' from Guatemala village

BBC - Fri, 2014-08-29 22:16
Some 230 members of an Orthodox Jewish group begin leaving a village in western Guatemala after a bitter row with the local indigenous community.

Trapped Nicaraguan miners freed

BBC - Fri, 2014-08-29 21:23
Twenty-four gold miners trapped underground in northern Nicaragua since Thursday are in the process of being freed, officials say.

Cameron and Clegg to hold terror talks

BBC - Fri, 2014-08-29 21:14
David Cameron and Nick Clegg are meeting for intense talks on new measures to tackle the threat posed by Islamist extremists.

Lib Dems pledge paternity leave hike

BBC - Fri, 2014-08-29 21:14
The Liberal Democrats are to pledge giving fathers an extra four weeks' paternity leave in their manifesto for the general election.

'Climate of fear' - the front pages

BBC - Fri, 2014-08-29 21:10
Papers focus on the prime minister's warnings that the terrorism threat to the UK is currently higher than at any point in history, and look forward to the return of X Factor.

Search for missing Ashya continues

BBC - Fri, 2014-08-29 20:41
Detectives search on both sides of the English Channel for a five-year-old boy whose life is in danger after his parents took him out of hospital.

EU mulls fresh response to Russia

BBC - Fri, 2014-08-29 20:11
EU leaders are to meet in Brussels to consider how to respond to Russia following accusations that its troops are fighting inside Ukraine.

Co-op Group to vote on crunch reforms

BBC - Fri, 2014-08-29 20:03
Members of the troubled Co-operative Group are meeting later for a final vote on reforming how the business is run.