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BGT champ shocked by 'double dog' row

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 22:37
Jules O'Dwyer is "shocked and surprised" by the reaction to her using a stunt double dog for her winning sketch.

Tree crashes onto car in heavy wind

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 22:24
Emergency crews deal with several incidents across Wales as heavy rain and high winds affected many areas overnight.

'I don't mind if people think I'm rubbish'

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 22:20
Robbie Savage looks back at his season's highlights as a pundit, recalls some of his run-ins and revisits some of his predictions too.

Urgent Greek debt crisis talks held

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 21:58
The heads of both the International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank have attended talks in Berlin in an attempt to reach a deal with Athens.

Tributes to dead ex-Lib Dem leader

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 21:58
Tributes are paid in Wales to the former leader of the Liberal Democrats Charles Kennedy who has died in Scotland aged 55.

Ex-Lib Dem leader Kennedy dies at 55

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 21:53
Former Liberal Democrat Party leader Charles Kennedy has died at his home in Scotland aged 55, his family says.

India cuts rates for a third time

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 21:44
The Reserve Bank of India has cut interest rates for the third time this year to help boost growth in Asia's third largest economy.

VIDEO: Charles Kennedy's life in politics

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 21:41
A look back at the political life of former Liberal Democrat Party leader Charles Kennedy, who has died aged 55.

Villiers' warning on Stormont crisis

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 21:39
The Secretary of State warns Northern Ireland's political leaders to choose between the Stormont House Agreement or a path that "threatens to wreak havoc".

'My idols were men, we need women role models'

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 21:38
Nicola Adams, Britain's first female Olympic boxing champion, explains why women need more sporting role models to inspire them.

Maria Costello - queen of the road

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 21:31
Broken bones, dicing with death and refusing to get a proper job, the life of a female professional motorcycle racer.

Language learning in 'rapid decline'

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 21:26
Modern foreign language learning in secondary schools in Wales is "declining rapidly" according to a major study.

Decision due on smoking ban in cars

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 21:21
People could be banned from smoking in cars when children are present if assembly members back the idea later.

Lamont: 'No quick fix' for Labour

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 20:39
Former Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont says there can be "no quick fix" for her party if it is to survive, in her first broadcast interview since resigning.

Threatened Online? Supreme Court Says Prosecutors Must Prove Intent

NPR News - Mon, 2015-06-01 19:44

Justices declined to delineate exactly what sort of evidence could prove that an online post — such as "took all the strength I had not to ... slit her throat" — was intended to spark fear.

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Stamps mark 800 years of Magna Carta

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 18:47
A special set of commemorative stamps has been issued to mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, the document that founded principles of law still in effect today.

Justices: Retailer Can't Refuse To Hire Someone Because They Wear Hijab

NPR News - Mon, 2015-06-01 18:45

Samantha Elauf wore a headscarf to a job interview at an Abercrombie & Fitch store, and was denied a position because of it. On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that that was clearly wrong.

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Fish stall 'among council assets'

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 18:07
Nightclubs, pigeon lofts and a wet fish stall are among some of the assets held by UK councils, according to a report by the Taxpayers' Alliance.

Police concern over missing girl, 13

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 18:04
Police say they are concerned for the safety of a 13-year-old girl missing from her Nottinghamshire home since last Saturday.

VIDEO: Lioness 'sort of lunged at the car'

BBC - Mon, 2015-06-01 18:01
A female tourist has been killed in a lion attack at a game park in South Africa.