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Emwazi tape: I'm no extremist

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 22:18
A recording emerges in which the Islamic State fighter Mohammed Emwazi, known as "Jihadi John", denied being an extremist and said MI5 threatened him

VIDEO: Respects paid to Boris Nemtsov

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 22:16
The funeral is due to be held of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead in Moscow.

Drugs ban rugby player sold steroids

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 21:58
A BBC Wales investigation reveals that a former rugby player continued to produce and supply anabolic steroids after being banned from the sport for trafficking.

VIDEO: Spy inside al-Qaeda goes public

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 21:49
An agent who infiltrated al-Qaeda on behalf of British intelligence has spoken to the BBC for the first time, the BBC's Gordon Corera reports.

Vote to be held on smacking ban

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 21:47
AMs will vote on Tuesday on whether or not to ban smacking children.

DPP to get supergrass claims file

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 21:42
The Police Ombudsman is to send a file to the director of public prosecutions this month for him to decide if two former police officers should be prosecuted for a range of crimes, including conspiracy to murder.

VIDEO: Keeping in touch with 'smart products'

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 21:42
The Mobile World Congress is taking place in Barcelona and it features a wide array of products connected by mobile technology.

'Cloudy' drug halts US execution

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 21:42
The execution of the first woman in Georgia in 70 years is postponed because the drug that was to be used appeared "cloudy", US officials say.

VIDEO: On frontline protecting Kenya's rhinos

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 21:26
The BBC's Ed Thomas joins Kenyan soldiers as they try to stop poachers from killing the country's rhinos.

Audit office critical of IT scheme

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 21:23
An IT company was awarded a 1.3m euros (£950,000) grant to buy equipment which "in all likelihood" cost it 30,000 euros (£22,000), the NI Audit Office concludes.

Prince promotes UK culture in China

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 20:34
The Duke of Cambridge will promote British innovation as he continues his tour of China with visits to a festival, a school and a film museum.

Nemtsov funeral to be held in Moscow

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 20:09
Funeral ceremonies are to be held in Moscow for the Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead in the Russian capital on Friday.

VIDEO: Why life in Singapore is so expensive

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 19:43
Singapore is the world's most expensive city, according to an index compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

'Monitoring deal' on Ukraine truce

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 19:37
The leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany agree to send observers to areas of Ukraine where truce violations are reported, Kiev says.

North Korea lifts Ebola travel ban

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 19:29
North Korea will once again allow tourists into the country after four months of severe restrictions to prevent the spread of Ebola.

Two questioned over missing Becky

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 19:18
Police investigating the disappearance of Bristol teenager Becky Watts, continue to question two people, arrested on suspicion of murder.

Jail threat for sex abuse 'neglect'

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 18:33
Senior public officials who fail to protect children from sexual exploitation would face up to five years in jail under proposals being considered by ministers.

Seattle Cuts Public Transportation Fares For Low-Income Commuters

NPR News - Mon, 2015-03-02 18:06

Low-income riders can now qualify for a program that will slash their fares by more than half of peak rates. But the cost will be offset by fare increases for everybody else.

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Property offences 'decriminalised'

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 18:04
Theft, burglary and shoplifting have "virtually been decriminalised" because the offences are not treated as a priority by police or the courts, a report for a think tank suggests.

MPs urge immigration detention cap

BBC - Mon, 2015-03-02 17:59
Immigration detention should be capped at 28 days, a cross-party group of MPs and peers recommends.