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VIDEO: The challenges facing Ed Miliband

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-09 04:58
The MP charged with running Labour's general election campaign on the challenges facing the party.

Patient tested in NI for Ebola virus

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-09 04:49
A patient at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast is being tested for Ebola.

Germany's Merkel: Fall Of Berlin Wall Shows Dreams Come True

NPR News - Sun, 2014-11-09 04:42

The chancellor, marking the 25th anniversary of the event, said the destruction of the Wall showed that "nothing has to stay as it is."

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Madonna items top celebrity auction

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-09 04:24
A collection of dresses and outfits worn by Madonna during her career in music and TV helps a celebrity auction raise $3.2m.

Defiant Catalans Push Forward With Independence Vote

NPR News - Sun, 2014-11-09 03:45

Separatists in Catalonia are going ahead with an unofficial referendum on independence from Spain. They go to the polls today despite a high court order forbidding the vote.

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Richardson: Release Shows N. Korea Is Ready For Dialogue

NPR News - Sun, 2014-11-09 03:45

Two Americans jailed in North Korea have arrived home. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with former U.S. Ambassador Bill Richardson, who has previously negotiated hostage releases with Pyongyang.

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Consultant On Homelessness: Cities Enable The Poor

NPR News - Sun, 2014-11-09 03:45

In many cities it is now illegal to feed the homeless. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Robert Marbut, the man behind the push to make handing out food a crime, who favors getting people into programs.

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Hand-Pumped Anesthesia Could Help With Surgeries In The Dark

NPR News - Sun, 2014-11-09 03:45

Across Africa, hospitals are struggling to provide surgery. Doctors, nurses, and even basics like electricity are in short supply. Now Johns Hopkins Medical Center is testing a creative solution.

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The Case For U.S. Combat Troops In Iraq

NPR News - Sun, 2014-11-09 03:45

Airstrikes against ISIS have had some success. But James Jeffrey, Obama's former ambassador to Iraq, says Americans on the ground are necessary to win the war.

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In Brazil, Race Is A Matter Of Life And Violent Death

NPR News - Sun, 2014-11-09 03:45

In 2012, 56,337 people were murdered in Brazil. But that figure hides a color-coded truth: Homicide rates are actually way down — if you're white. If you're black? Murder rates are up 40 percent.

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VIDEO: Royals commemorate Remembrance Sunday

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-09 03:21
The Queen has led the nation in remembering service personnel who have died during conflicts, as Remembrance Sunday services are held around the UK.

Reggae Vibe, Ebola Message: African Superstars Try To Go Viral

NPR News - Sun, 2014-11-09 03:03

They're some of the most popular musicians in West Africa, joining voices to sing (mainly in French but also in some local languages) about defeating an "invisible enemy."

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Heavy shelling in Ukraine city

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-09 03:02
Shelling resumes in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, hours after an intense bombardment during the night, eyewitnesses say.

Miliband warning over EU exit threat

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-09 03:02
Threats to leave the EU are a danger to the UK, Ed Miliband is to warn amid further reports suggesting some within Labour are questioning his position.

Scotland marks Remembrance Sunday

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-09 02:44
People across Scotland take part in two minutes of silence, to remember the men and women who have died in wars.

Belafonte handed honorary Oscar

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-09 02:43
Harry Belafonte is among four cinematic veterans honoured at the Governor's Awards, alongside Maureen O'Hara, Hayao Miyazak and Jean-Claude Carriere.

VIDEO: Drawing helps with fame 'nonsense'

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-09 02:26
Painting, drawing, family and friends help the Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch cope with fame.

New MLB Rule Cuts Home Plate Crashes, But Not Catcher Concussions

NPR News - Sun, 2014-11-09 01:38

Major League Baseball is reviewing its controversial Rule 7.13, which bans most home plate collisions. Catchers actually face a bigger head-injury risk that the rule can't prevent.

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The Cold War 'Mole' Who Smuggled 1,000 East Germans To The West

NPR News - Sun, 2014-11-09 01:32

Hasso Herschel fled East Germany in 1961 on a false passport. Over the next decade, he helped more than 1,000 East Germans flee by smuggling them through tunnels or by hiding them inside cars.

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VIDEO: Twin waterspouts form off Liguria

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-09 01:14
Footage has emerged of the moment two waterspouts appeared simultaneously off the coast of Liguria, Italy,