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Apple unveils Watch and new iPhones

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 10:44
Apple unveils a smartwatch - its first new product line since the iPad - as well as bigger iPhones and a contactless payment system.

Fabled Franklin Arctic ship found

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 10:16
One of two British explorer ships that vanished in the Arctic more than 160 years ago has been found, Canada's prime minister says.

Boko Haram 'shoots ex-leader's son'

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 09:53
The son of Nigeria's ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo is shot and wounded in a battle with militant Islamists, the former leader's aide tells the BBC.

Mother's tribute to shark attack son

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 09:32
The mother of a man killed by a shark in Australia says he died "doing what he wanted to do".

'Monstrous child predator' jailed

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 08:55
An ex-Sunday school teacher who raped and sexually abused young girls under his care has been jailed for 14 years.

VIDEO: High-speed escape for drag racer

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 08:50
A motorcycle drag racer had an "astounding" high-speed escape when he leaped from his "out of shape" bike to his competitor's at 150mph.

VIDEO: Pizza chefs fight off armed robbers

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 08:31
Staff at a pizzeria in Italy successfully fend off would-be robbers - despite being held up at gun point.

Zardini wins third stage of Tour

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 08:24
Bardiani-CSF's Edoardo Zardini wins the third stage of the Tour of Britain in Abergavenny, with Sir Bradley Wiggins fifth.

Yes vote 'means big Scots EU boost'

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 08:06
Scottish independence would give the nation's profile its biggest ever boost in Europe, First Minister Alex Salmond says.

VIDEO: Footage shows rebels with MH17 wreckage

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 07:58
New footage from the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine shows rebels roaming amongst the wreckage, as Nomia Iqbal reports.

Rebels free soldiers in Ukraine

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 07:29
Ukraine confirms rebels have freed 648 soldiers under the terms of the ceasefire, while the rebels say 311 of their fighters are still in captivity.

The numbers for September 9, 2014

Marketplace - American Public Media - Tue, 2014-09-09 07:09

Regardless of whether you want an iPhone 6, it's worth looking back at Steve Jobs' original iPhone announcement from 2007. Seven years isn't that long, but Jobs' presentation touting the iPhone's 3.5-inch screen and two-megapixel camera still feels bizarrely dated. How did we charge those cinderblocks again? Hand crank?


Here's a look at what we're reading — and five other numbers we're keeping an eye on — Tuesday morning:




That's the number of people Koch Industries employs in the U.S. and a key part of the company's new public image effort. The multinational corporation — which has a hand in everything from ranching to paper to asphalt to electronics — is trying to deflect attacks on its owners, Charles and David Koch, the Washington Post reported. The nationwide marketing effort, the company's first, is an attempt to keep criticism of their politics from tarnishing Koch Industries.


142 percent


How much more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere compared to the start of the industrial revolution, according to new data from the World Meteorological Organization. CO2 levels rose faster from 2012 to 2013 than they have since 1984. The U.N. will convene in New York later this month for a special summit on climate change, the BBC reported.




At least this many major websites are taking part in "Internet Slowdown Day," a protest for net neutrality Wednesday. Netflix, Reddit, Etsy, Kickstarter and many more will feature loading screens on their sites to simulate what the web might look like if companies were forced to pay broadband carriers for faster service. The  protest comes as the second round for public comment to the FCC ends next week, TechHive reported. (Disclosure: Marketplace's distributer, American Public Media, has filed a comment in favor of net neutrality.)


60 million


The number of customers whose credit card information may have been stolen during a data breach at Home Depot, reports the New York Times. The retailer confirmed the hack Monday and said in-store shoppers from April up to last week could be affected. The theft could dwarf Target's breach from last year, in which hackers got information for an estimated 40 million customers. 


99 cents


The new price of Amazon's Fire smartphone, slashed from $199 in a temporary promotion this week, The Wall Street Journal reports. Amazon hasn't released sales numbers for the phone, but it seems safe to say they're below expectations ahead of Apple's new iPhone launch.

Falcao faces a familiar challenge

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 07:02
What are the challenges facing foreign players like Radamel Falcao as they try to adapt to life at their new club?

Credit monitoring becomes a standard offer after breaches

Marketplace - American Public Media - Tue, 2014-09-09 07:00

Credit monitoring services are becoming part of the standard response from big companies after large data breaches. Target offered them, now Home Depot.   

Consumers, however, need to know what these services do and do not do.

“Think about it in layers,” says Suzanne Barber, director of the Center for Identity at the University of Texas at Austin. "Your identity information is connected. Remember your credit card/debit card application. All that information is connected to your credit card number. So, if your credit card is breached, what's the likelihood the criminal can access much more information about you?"

Finances and bank accounts can lead a criminal to other assets like mortgages and car loans, and then health care data and even social media. 

A credit reporting agency isn’t monitoring everything, but you should map out what it is and isn’t monitoring so you can fill in any gaps with your own vigilance. 

Barber says it’s important to know how long a credit monitoring agency will be monitoring for. “Criminals are willing to sit on this info for quite some time before they harvest your assets – as much as five years.”

Credit monitoring “is a specific step for a specific purpose,” says Ted Julian, chief marketing officer with CO3 Systems, an incident response firm. But it doesn’t absolve the consumer of worry or responsibility. “These incidents hammer home some basic good housekeeping that we all know,” he says.

Basics like having a unique and strong password: Don’t have a unique and strong set of passwords, with different ones for different services. 

Use a credit card over a debit card. While it’s likely you will be reimbursed for a debit card loss, it may be more difficult and will take longer than if you are reimbursed by a credit card company. 

Look at statements — and not just for the large $500 purchases at the electronics store. Little "test" purchases of $2 or $0.50 can be used by a thief to determine whether an account is functioning correctly or not. 

What does economic security mean in 2014?

Marketplace - American Public Media - Tue, 2014-09-09 07:00

How do American families define economic security these days? 

Wealthier people in America have been raising their standards on what they consider economic security, even as people struggling with less are lowering their standards about what they see as acceptable. That's among the findings of a new book called "Cut Adrift: Families in Insecure Times."

Its author is Stanford sociologist Dr. Marianne Cooper, who also served as the lead researcher on Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In," the Facebook COO's best seller on women and leadership. 

Click the media player above to hear Dr. Marianne Cooper in conversation with Marketplace Morning Report host David Brancaccio.

Schumacher leaves hospital for home

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 06:48
Former F1 champion Michael Schumacher leaves a Swiss hospital to continue his recovery at home, his manager says.

VIDEO: Dawn French's first solo tour

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 06:44
Comedian Dawn French is on tour with her first ever solo show.

Israel 'coercing Africans to leave'

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 05:25
Israel is unlawfully coercing almost 7,000 Eritrean and Sudanese nationals into leaving the country at great personal risk, Human Rights Watch says.

VIDEO: House of Commons

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 04:48
Justice Secretary Chris Grayling rejects Labour claims of a crisis in the prisons system.

Day in pictures: 9 September 2014

BBC - Tue, 2014-09-09 04:01
News images from around the world: 9 September