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'Going There' in 2014

NPR News - Sat, 2014-12-20 05:03

Michel Martin has spent much of the last few months on the road, and she has been moved by the people she's met and the stories they've shared with her. She remembers her 'Top 5' moments of 2014.

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Ron Hill completes 50-year run feat

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-20 04:51
Former Olympian Ron Hill completes his ambitious goal of running at least a mile a day for 50 years.

North Korea Has An Interesting Offer. And Another Threat

NPR News - Sat, 2014-12-20 04:40

The secretive regime denies any involvement with the Sony Pictures hack and says the U.S. must allow it to help find the real culprit. Or else.

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Police car crashes escorting ambulance

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-20 04:37
A police officer suffers minor injuries in a crash while escorting an ambulance in Cardiff.

Woman robbed in knifepoint attack

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-20 04:23
A woman is robbed at knifepoint after being grabbed by man as she crossed a road in Edinburgh.

Russians 'will not cave in' to West

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-20 04:22
Russia says it will not "cave in" to pressure, following a fresh set of US, EU and Canada sanctions over the conflict in Ukraine.

Man remanded over stabbing death

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-20 04:12
A man is remanded in custody over the murder of a woman stabbed to death in a north-west London street.

VIDEO: Shoppers get set for 'Panic Saturday'

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-20 04:11
£1.2bn is expected to be spent by UK shoppers on the last Saturday before Christmas, with researchers calling it "Panic Saturday".

Teenager named in Chelmsford murder

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-20 04:08
A 17-year-old is charged with murder following the fatal stabbing of a teenager in a Chelmsford park named by police as Ashley Woolley.

Pakistan forces 'kill five Taliban'

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-20 04:06
Pakistan army kills five militants in northwest as security is tightened against possible Taliban reprisals for prisoner executions, officials say.

Council ready for extreme weather

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-20 04:06
Residents in Ceredigion are told that council officials are ready for any extreme weather this winter.

Twelve Weeks To A Six-Figure Job

NPR News - Sat, 2014-12-20 04:03

With that pitch, coder boot camps are poised to get much, much bigger. Is this a new education delivery system?

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Madonna releases songs after leak

BBC - Sat, 2014-12-20 03:37
The singer surprises fans by releasing six tracks from her new album early after songs were leaked online.

Author: Cuban Dissidents Feel Betrayed By Obama's Action

NPR News - Sat, 2014-12-20 03:33

In the wake of the announcement that the U.S. is restoring relations with Cuba, some Cuban exiles are wary. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Cuban-American author Carlos Eire about his reaction to the news.

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Kurdish Troops Free Yazidis, But Major Battles Remain

NPR News - Sat, 2014-12-20 03:33

With the help of U.S. air strikes, Iraqi Kurdish forces have made significant advances against the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS.

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Youth Who Led Tunisia's Uprising Find Themselves Sidelined

NPR News - Sat, 2014-12-20 03:33

The Arab Spring began in Tunisia in 2011 with the ousting of a dictator. But youth in that country are unenthused about elections on Sunday.

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Obama: Sony Should Have Talked To Him Before Pulling 'The Interview'

NPR News - Sat, 2014-12-20 03:33

The FBI has concluded North Korea was responsible for the cyber attack on Sony Pictures. NPR's Scott Simon talks with White House correspondent Scott Horsley about what happens now.

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3-D Scanning Sonar Brings Light To Deep Ocean Shipwrecks

NPR News - Sat, 2014-12-20 03:33

In the San Francisco Bay, researchers are using new technology to investigate shipwrecks. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with James Delgado, director of Maritime Heritage at NOAA, about what they've found.

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Designing State Symbols For The World's Newest Country

NPR News - Sat, 2014-12-20 03:33

From flags to currency, a new country needs new symbols. NPR's Scott Simon talks with Anne Quito, who travelled to the world's newest country, South Sudan, to observe as they designed theirs.

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Excavation Reveals Regular Citizens Who Really Ran Ancient Egypt

NPR News - Sat, 2014-12-20 03:33

A team of archaeologists from Brigham Young University has uncovered an Egyptian cemetery that may have upwards of 1 million graves. NPR's Scott Simon explains they were commoners — not pharaohs.

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