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Tesla is disrupting more than just the car business

Marketplace - American Public Media - Sat, 2016-02-06 16:01

Tesla Motors is building the world's biggest battery factory just outside of Reno, Nevada. The company is calling it the “gigafactory,” and when it’s up and running in 2016 it’s expected to make Tesla’s electric cars much more affordable. 

“In a single factory we're doubling the worldwide capacity to manufacture lithium-ion batteries,” says J.B. Straubel, Tesla's chief technology officer. 

That's significant enough. But the company also plans to develop batteries for use with solar-power generation – giving Tesla a shot at challenging public utilities as an energy source, Straubel says.

“At the price points that we're expecting to achieve with the gigafactory ... we see a market that is well in excess of the production capability of the factory,” says Straubel.

The market for batteries is an offshoot of the booming business for solar panels, particularly in states such as California, where solar is becoming commonplace.

“We sign up approximately one new customer every minute of the workday," says Will Craven, director of public affairs at California-based SolarCity.

Much of the excess energy harnessed by solar panels is returned to the power grid, Cravens says. This means homeowners and businesses may earn a credit from their power companies, but have no say over when and how that energy is used.

The partnership with SolarCity will use rooftop solar panels fitted with Tesla’s battery packs to allow customers to keep that energy in-house. That means they can use it however, and whenever, they want. The concept puts Tesla in direct competition with utility companies.

“Stationary storage, or backup storage, is really being considered the ‘Holy Grail’ of renewable electricity generation,” says Ben Kallo, an analyst with the Robert W. Baird financial services firm.

Kallo points out that the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources makes them less reliable because the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine.  But with the ability to store that energy, renewable energy sources can compete head-to-head with utility companies for customers.

“There are still many utilities out there who kind of have their head stuck in the sand and just hope that this goes away. What we're seeing is really building momentum,” Kallo says.

Forward-minded utilities might look at Tesla’s business model as an opportunity, he says.  Energy-storage technology could be used to build capacity in their existing grids, and also build new infrastructure for battery-powered cars and homes.


CQC rates three care homes 'unsafe'

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A care home in Bradford is rated inadequate after inspectors found it to be understaffed and poorly managed.

VIDEO: 'Football's never seen anything like this'

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Six football officials are arrested at a hotel in Zurich, Switzerland, over corruption charges at governing body Fifa, officials say.

Hamas accused of Gaza rights abuses

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Hamas committed serious human rights abuses including killings and torture of Palestinian civilians in 2014, Amnesty International says.

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Six Fifa officials including vice president Jeffrey Webb are held in dawn raids at a Zurich hotel ahead of Friday's presidential election.

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A row breaks out over the loss of a police helicopter base with claims there was not "one shred of opposition" to losing the service.

Queen's Speech to confirm powers

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Proposals to devolve further powers to Wales will be confirmed when the Queen announces the legislative plans of David Cameron's new government later.

Decision due over Irish smacking law

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A decision is expected later on whether the Republic of Ireland has violated a European charter by not banning all forms of corporal punishment, including parents smacking their children at home.

Health inquiry finds degrading cases

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An inquiry into emergency health care in Northern Ireland uncovers inhuman and degrading treatment in some cases but no evidence of "systemic violations" of human rights.

Switzerland 'seeks Fifa arrests'

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Swiss police move to arrest officials from football world body Fifa over US corruption charges, New York Times says

EU to give migrant quota plan details

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The EU is to announce details of controversial plans to relocate thousands of migrants who have reached Europe from Africa and the Middle East.

China in 'biggest ever' relic find

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Chinese police take 175 people into custody and recover stolen artefacts worth more than 500m yuan ($80m; £52m), calling it the biggest operation of its kind.

Dutton warns on militants' children

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The children of Australian terror suspects could be taken into care, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says, as the government proposes changes to citizenship laws.

VIDEO: Palestinians 'killed, tortured by Hamas'

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Amnesty International has accused the Palestinian group, Hamas, of a brutal campaign of abduction, torture and killings against its own people.

Hyundai offers Google Android in cars

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South Korea's Hyundai becomes the first carmaker to offer Google's Android Auto system in its Sonata model.

LeBron Books 5th Straight NBA Finals Trip As Cleveland Sweeps Atlanta

NPR News - 3 hours 54 min ago

The Cavaliers, making their second-ever trip to the finals in James' first season back with the team, will face the winner of the Golden State Warriors-Houston Rockets series.

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