International News

Depression in cancer 'overlooked'

BBC - Wed, 2014-08-27 16:36
Three-quarters of cancer patients who are depressed are not getting the psychological therapy they need, researchers say.

Scottish business confidence 'falls'

BBC - Wed, 2014-08-27 16:09
Business confidence has fallen in Scotland despite firms reporting strong sales growth over the past year, a report has found.

Red squirrels face leprosy threat

BBC - Wed, 2014-08-27 16:03
Scotland's red squirrels are facing a new threat from a form of leprosy, according to scientists in Edinburgh.

Guns a part of American childhood

BBC - Wed, 2014-08-27 15:39
Why guns are a part of American childhood

Southern California sees giant waves

BBC - Wed, 2014-08-27 15:23
Waves as high as 20ft (6m) in southern California have damaged waterfront homes, knocked out pier pilings and attracted scores of surfers.

VIDEO: 'White space' internet developed

BBC - Wed, 2014-08-27 15:18
David Grossman reports from the Isle of Wight, on the "white space" which could help remote areas access fast broadband.

VIDEO: Litter bug mountaineers 'must recycle'

BBC - Wed, 2014-08-27 15:01
Over the decades tonnes of disposed tents, spent oxygen cylinders and bottles have been left behind on Mount Everest by people trying to scale it. Now authorities are urging them to bring the waste back down with them to recycle it.

VIDEO: Controversy over new Lennon film

BBC - Wed, 2014-08-27 15:01
A new film that looks at the events that unfolded the night Beatles star John Lennon was shot, is causing controversy amongst critics and fans.

VIDEO: I couldn't say no to Pulp

BBC - Wed, 2014-08-27 15:01
Pulp's keyboardist had arthritis at 16 but can't say no to playing

Backlash against polish to detect 'rape drug'

BBC - Wed, 2014-08-27 15:00
Backlash against drug-testing nail polish

Brazil pursues Amazon 'destroyers'

BBC - Wed, 2014-08-27 14:52
Brazilian police say they have dismantled a criminal organisation they believe was the "biggest destroyer" of the Amazon rainforest.

Cops crew member killed by US police

BBC - Wed, 2014-08-27 14:42
A crew member on the US police reality TV show Cops is shot and killed when Nebraska police open fire on a robbery suspect.

Woman killed in Carrickfergus crash

BBC - Wed, 2014-08-27 14:35
A woman in her 50s has died in a car crash in Carrickfergus, County Antrim.